so that's the final result hi guys so we're opening a new section and we're going to show you some Italian cuisine – I'm Italian and I love to cook and I always cooking we want to show you some Italian cuisine in a real Italian kitchen and today we want to start with some spaghetti a la bongole they're my favorite and our spaghetti with the clams, in this case we have some delicious homemade fresh spaghetti and some delicious fresh sea made clams so the first step you have to do when you get home from buying some clams is to put them with some just water and salt in this way the clams will lose a little bit of the dirt they have inside like the sand and the things that they take from the sea and so you put them here like 30 minutes something like that you don't want them to stay too long or they will get like to clean and if they get too clean they will not have the special flavor that the clams have second thing you have to do that every Italian knows but not all the people know is about the water when you cook pasta you put the water inside to boil or you can, in this case im boiling it on boiling and putting inside to make it faster and you put just salt in it and never never never put the pasta in the water if its not boiling not boiling always put it when it's boiling to start with the clams and some garlic of course garlic is I think is the number one thing we do it when we cook pasta so take some garlic without the with a wooden table now with the outern part and just crush it the pan on a fire and use some olive oil extra virgin olive oil today we have cirio we be generous with iso we can put the garlic to fried in this one and the tomatoes so after you put the clams you can wash them or you can do it in a while while very well just like that, don't put the water in it of course because it's like dirty or you can wash it if you like to put the rest later they don't have to stay too long maybe like five minutes you put them with the higher highest fire and then you put the cover on it and you need them maybe five minutes, just the time that they open up and they will be ready you just watch how this poor clams are dying so we still haven't put salt in the water put some salt not too much because the the bongole should be already salted and then since it's boiling you put the pasta well this is special pasta because it's homemade a fresh pasta so you will know when it is ready when they come up but if you have like normal pasta you just check the timer on the back keep on checking the clams already open break the de basil with your hands we are just preparing it for after put it on the pasta Italian home cook its not perfect it's just delicious hmm so you checked the pasta, if its not ready but you move it especially this kind of pasta you move it because it can get stuck together maybe to the low fire, and then the bongole i think they are ready so you switch it up because you can see that now we have top that is transfparent so you can already see there open you can see now with a little paper but they're open so that's already we just have to wait for the for the pasta, the fire is already hot its haut? hahaha, im so happy!- epy in Italian we don't say the H so we say happy we don't say happy and we don't a hotel with a hotel so that's how we say hmm and he makes fun of me she's epy! so the pasta is ready because it's coming up and you have to make it finish the cooking inside the bongole, so you have to turn it off again and we take out some bongole here so you can move them together in an easy way and then we have to move it whit spaghetti it with a with a spaghetti and you can see here there is still some broth so it will make your pasta delicious and just wait further for the brand to to to to dry and just add again the bongole and thats it!!


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