Torta Caprese ricetta originale

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel GreedyWeb, As mentioned in the video of the meringues, if you have not seen I put the link on and down in the Info box Today we will make Caprese stay until the end of the video to know what prepararò in the next video and if you have not done subscribe to the active channel of the bell which is down below the video on the right to be updated here we go to make the Caprese, which is a typical cake was born by mistake by the pastry chef Carmine Di Fiore that he forgot to put the flour so tells the legend, it takes: This is the dose for June 3 eggs the Info box I will get the full dose that is 5 eggs when you need make smaller doses of a cake Always divide the ingredients for eggs, because the eggs is that you can put half an egg, a quarter of egg, more and divide by the number of eggs here are five eggs, I divided the ingredients, first for 5 multiplied by 3, which are eggs because the original recipe for five eggs in a 24 cm pan I do it with three eggs in a tiny tin of 18 cm, a little small Why I do in that 18cm? Becouse, my sons have eaten the almonds and I no have longer 300 grams almonds for which I am forced to make more tiny but I put down the recipe to make it into the pan 24 cm, so no problem to make the recipe this with three eggs, we needs: 3 eggs, divided a 3 egg yolks and 3 egg whites, already put in the bowl ready to be mix 180 grams of almonds, must be peeled and lightly toasted to skin the almonds: you put a pot of water on the fire when the water boils they bring the almonds in the water as iniazia to boil, you wait a minute, it will go out and it down, it makes us go a little cold water because otherwise you burn your hands, rub them with each other so remove all the skins of almonds, then they put them in a baking pan with parchment paper and make toast for a few minutes these will now put that lukewarm in a container for chop 120 grams of sugar, divided into 60 grams and 60 grams, then I'll explain why 150 grams of butter, 150 grams of dark chocolate let's mix the egg whites with half sugar, the 60 grams to mount, first started to mount them, then when they are mix almost, add sugar and continue to mix cover and put in the fridge in the meantime we prepare the remaining ingredients chop almonds and dark chocolate melt take a mixer and whisk the butter Just so until creamy, add sugar add the egg yolks one at a time we hold the mixer because it is no longer needed and take a spatula add almonds add the chocolate mix well, so it is already a pleasure Now we have to butter a baking pan in this case since they are only three eggs we have to get little cake, it is 18 cm and, given that they can eat even celiacs instead of the flour, we dusted it with cocoa a fine dusting of cocoa we remove the excess We take the meringue that we put in the fridge and add them to this compound We add them to twice or even three is better always stirring from bottom upwards to give air and do not ruin the meringue we did before now, we take our pan greased and floured with cocoa or you can lined with parchment paper and we pour our dough level out a bit bake at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes, the time it takes to cook It should be crunchy on the outside and soft inside, Always test stick before pulling it out of the oven, should come out clean see you later It broke the surface, possibly because the pan is too high we leave it to cool in its own mold and after the pull out now lacking only a bit of powdered sugar Now we cut a slice and spongy guys still it should cool down a bit, but as you resist mini cake, mini slice So, did you like the recipe? Please let me know in the comments, send me pictures and let me know what you'd like see in the next video I'll add them to the list of things to do You want to know what I will do next time? After all these cakes, it takes something salty we will make a roast, still undecided whether do what to do what beer or with mushrooms I'll tell you below nell'infobox stay tuned, a hug see you soon a nice pollicione up I will sacrifice for you guys Francesco: and I nothing? oooo ahahaaha THANKS FOR WATCHING SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL


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