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Hello my> Beautiful Souls <and welcome to Kia-Charlotta! And welcome to our kitchen where we create great, tasty and healthy recipes, that strengthens your beauty from within And today we want to, as it is summer Share super healthy ice cream recipe with you, that according to our feedback, even better than the traditional ice, in many ways, it tastes so good tastes just like ice cream and it is healthy too

Without further preface, Here we go! This ice cream can be made in any combination The main ingredients are frozen bananas Frozen ripe bananas It is best if they look something like that, you cut She puts them in the freezer After that they look like this Maybe not very appetizing, but if you they are ripe, they become nice sweet and yummy taste

One can combine them with all sorts of things and today we become one Make berry ice cream and a chocolate ice cream We start with the berry ice cream You become one of these Mixers need what I call them He has to be quite powerful in order to to mix all frozen fruits well We now mix half of the bananas in here and add all added to frozen berries This is a blueberries and raspberries Berry Mix

Actually, it's really that easy Now you close the lid the mixer, you turn it on, It is now loud and it may sound like this as if the machine breaks down, but do not worry it has to be like this 😉 You have to mix it until it's like an ice cream Consistency gets It may take a while, maybe you have to do everything mix again with a spoon to to get the ingredients all the way down, but that can take maybe two to even five minutes, on the highest level, before it resembles an ice cream consistency and looks exactly right Next we make the chocolate ice cream All we need is the rest of the bananas and tip it into a smaller container this time

You only need Pure cocoa powder, so no hot chocolate sugar stuff Pure cocoa powder, the bananas are sweet enough therefor Easy you can give it a try and look how much you want, some do not like it so much, but I like it with a lot Cocoa This is already done Was also prepared at a higher level There may still be a few small pieces of bananas inside, but well, that's ok Now it's time for a little tasting, I think it looks very good and creamy

Mmh, people, it's just like real ice, only better and healthier That was our healthy recipe for today I hope you enjoyed it and you also tried it at home It helps to eat less sugary ice cream and more and more joy to have healthier variations Thank you for watching and I would be glad if you turn on again next time



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