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hey everyone and welcome back it to my channel in today's video I'm sharing with you with some more easy healthy snacks that taste delicious they're quick to make and they're just perfect for when hunger strikes I also have a bonus recipe which is a delicious carrot cake smoothie if you want the recipe for this go on over and head to my Instagram to get back I also want to remind you guys that I do have a healthy snacks playlist which I will link it down below it has all of my favorite snacks all my snack videos in one place this you guys can head on over there after you're done watching this and yeah let's get into the video so the first thing we are making are these pumpkin fat bombs I'm starting off with some coconut oil which is a great medium chain triglyceride oil that helps to stabilize blood sugar and help with weight loss it's also rich in caprylic acid so it's great for killing off Candida which can lead to digestive issues and acne and much more I'm using some fresh pureed pumpkin you want to get 100% pureed pumpkin not sugar or anything like that pumpkin is rich in fiber rich in beta-carotene and potassium then I'm gonna add in some ground flax which is really high in fiber in fiber not only stabilizes your blood sugar levels which means you won't get cravings but it also helps with weight loss because it helps keep you full and also for maintaining a healthy weight as well I'm adding in some pumpkin pie spice which has some great warming spices and then I'm mixing that all together until you get kind of like a nice thick dough just make sure that the coconut oil and the pumpkin all kind of combined and you don't have chunks of coconut oil anymore so just combine that until it is nice and smooth and then I'm gonna be adding in a large spoonful of almond butter for some flavor and again almonds have great vitamins in them you got vitamin E we got nice a healthy fats protein and they really help keep you full that's why these are called fat bombs are full of great healthy fats that help to satisfy those hunger hormones and help to shut them down then I'm using an ice cream scoop to make these little mold of little pumpkin fat bombs you can make ground ones you can make small ones if you want I like making them a half scoop because this way they really like satisfy you and you really feel like not hungry anymore after you eat one which is the point of a healthy snack so I love the way these turned out there for fall and you want to store them in the freezer and then you can just take one out whenever you get craving so once you're a pumpkinette fat bombs are done they will look like this I would store mine it in the freezer and then you just take them out whenever you want one let's go ahead and have a taste hmm they're perfect for fall they feel rich with the fiber and the fats are really gonna help fill you up and help you feel satisfied they've got that flavor from that pumpkin spice so you really feel like you're eating something really decadent kind of like a pumpkin loaf but in like a fat bomb form next up we're making some roasted peas which is basically a spin on roasted chickpeas so I'm taking a cup of peas these buns are frozen you can use fresh or frozen depending on what you can get your hands on I love that they're full of protein plus they add some greens in I'm putting a tablespoon of avocado oil because it has a higher smoke point along with some Himalayan salt will helps to balance your pH and garlic which is a great antibacterial antifungal super good for you especially heading into the winter and colder months along with ginger they both help to support your immune system so you stir that together you can also add like a chili powder if you like them spicy here or any kind of like more spicy herb so you stir that together until everything is coated and it distributed and I love peas like I said they're full of protein they're anti-inflammatory and they're full of iron so I'm putting that onto my silicone baking sheet which guys it's one of my favorite things and you want to spread them out so they're in one even layer and then we just pop them in the oven and then you want to stir them every eight to ten minutes until they get crispy so mine took about 3540 minutes and then you have these wonderfully crispy green chickpeas perfect snack that also adds in some cream and some iron once your peas are done and out of the oven they will look like this and they're just little crunchy peas so let's go ahead and have a taste oh they're tasty they've got a perfect amount of flavor a little bit of crunch to them plus you get the protein from the peas and I like to kind of change up from a normal chickpea to use peas instead you get greens in super yummy and lastly we're making these super quick egg cucumber bites which is a great way to have a little snack so I'm hard-boiling a couple eggs I like to hard boil some eggs and keep them in the fridge either to have in salads in meals or as snacks like I'm showing you guys so I would suggest making a few hard-boiled eggs and just keeping them in the fridge to have throughout the week so I'm slicing my eggs and then I sliced some cucum and I'm laying those out onto a plate and then it's super simple guys as you're about to see you literally just take the slices of egg and you put them on top of the cucumber slices so then they become like little bites super simple and eggs I have all the essential amino acids in them there have proteins they affect and you want to have proteins fats and fiber and any burning your snacks to help balance blood sugar and for healthy weight management so you put them on top of the cucumber cucumber is hydrating plus it decreases your risk of certain cancers like breast uterine and colon and also its digestion I'm putting a little pinch of paprika for flavor along with the everything but the bagel seasoning which guys I really put this on a lot of things so if you haven't gotten your hands on this I'm gonna leave a DIY recipe below if you're not new you're Trader Joe's but either way such a quick good snack that's refreshing you got protein fats fibers and like I said it's super yummy what I love about this snack is it's super easy to make and you can definitely make it in advance too so let's go and have a taste mmm roll blood I'm getting a little bit of crunch the everything bagel seasoning tastes really good on top as well and then you get the refreshing cucumber but you get bats and protein from the egg so this is definitely one of my favorite really quick ones to make okay guys so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did it don't forget to give it a thumbs up and comment down below what your favorite snack is right now it doesn't have to be from this video but what your favorite go-to snack is right now cuz I want to know I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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