And this little baby is going to be in the freezer for a couple of hours look a the color of it Beauty Hello guys So we are again in our second video of the section cooking with us cooking with Travelers generation So it is your first time you see our faces please consider to subscribe we talk about travel, we travel pretty much around the world and now we cook as well, Im Italian he is Mexican, so if you want to check out our channel subscribe So guys today, we're going to show you how to prepare homemade Limoncello is an Italian [liqueur] and it's made with lemon But it's an especial lemon that grows only in a special region in the Amalfitano coast Amalfitano there are this beautiful places where the the lemon is very Perfumed and with the taste very delicious so usually you should do with those kind of lemons We actually did this with this kind of lemons But of course if you're not from Italy may be hard to get them just take [lemon] But make sure that the smell it's good like if you touch them the smell is a good lemon smell So basically what you have to do is to buy alcohol, and it has to be a 96° alcohol Just like pure alcohol, and then when when you get the lemons well You have to wash first and with the peeler you have to take the skin So I don't know if you can see from here, but is the skin inside the alcohol so make sure just to take the yellow part don't take the white one because it makes the flavor like really a bit bitter, so Basically what you have to do is for each liter of alcohol you have to put the skin of eight lemons each liter to stay inside the alcohol provably for One month, can even do more but So now it past one month so you can see the alcohol is yellow It's very yellow see right so it's ready so a month after it's time to mix everything to make the limoncello and So what you need the proportion is Written for Every 500 millimeters of pure alcohol you have to put 600 grams of sugar and 750 millimeters of water But we put less sugar because I don't like it to sugar So just put the sugar it in just like normal sugar you can put it in here we have the water that is counted for our limoncello and Just mix it a little bit in in like 30 minutes if you will not so then prepare food you have to get some Containers and especially crystal containers because after what we're going to make You have to put it into the freezer so it gets another consistence so we just open up lets see how smell So in here we have already the water with sugar Now what we're going to do is filter this water this alcohol because of course we don't need anymore The lemon inside because it is just the skin We did this time we did three litters of alcohol so with 3 litters We're going to have more than 6 liters of limoncello so we just want to show you we have I don't know like six liters of Limoncello here and it looks like a potion, Rodrigo always say that I am a witch and so we're just going to put these in the bottles and then put in a freezer don't drink like this because of course is hot so don't drink it like this We're going to put in there, and in the free it and some people wait few days before to drink it I don't think we're gonna wait some few days I think tonight

We're gonna get into it because It's already like one month We're waiting for it So now guys what you have to do is to use this one of this I don't remember the name in English Pinocchio But a in Italian the name of this imbuto and this is really famous in Italy if you come to Italy you have to take or drink and Actually people used to drink this after dinner after a meal Yes aperitivo

no digestive this is a digestive so after you eat something you drink just a little bit like a shot and It is helps you Get Italian delicious food on the bottom of your stomach So guys I hope you like this video, so you know now how to make homemade Limoncello? delicious homemade limoncello specially Because it's Italian as my girlfriend is so she showed me how to make this one and I have to say I love it It's one of my favorite drinks in italy So yeah this for the special occasions You have a friend even if you have a date and want to impress a chick Yeah, if you prepare it you make your own homemade limoncello for sure It's gonna be happy just make sure to make it one month Before you you have to dinner with with your girlfriend


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