How to Make The BEST Chinese Cashew Chicken ~ Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

I'm Tess and tonight I'm making a classic Chinese cashew chicken dinner I'm Velveting the chicken for smooth and tender chicken

I'll show you step-by-step how to make this delicious Chinese chicken stir-fry Stay tuned! (intro music) This Chinese Cashew Chicken is another chicken stir-fry to add to the list It is easy and a definite comfort food This is a stir-fry so I'm making sure everything is prepped and ready before cooking For this Chinese cashew chicken recipe I'm going to velvet the chicken

This is a cooking technique used to make the chicken tender with a smooth velvet like texture If you often wondered how the Chinese restaurants get that unique soft velvet light coating on the chicken this is how

It is called velveting and it really makes the chicken nice and soft and tender It is also a healthier cooking technique I have about a pound of sliced boneless chicken breasts and you can use chicken thighs I cut the chicken into small thin slices and I'm adding in some light soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, an egg white, enough cornstarch to thoroughly coat all the chicken This is about the consistency that you're looking for

This is a pan of water that I brought up to boil or just shy of a boil and I'm adding in the chicken pieces They will sink to the bottom You don't want to stir until you get all the pieces in there and then you only want to give one or two gentle pushes to make sure none of the pieces are sticking We are blanching the chicken and it's only going to take about 2 to 3 minutes for the chicken to thoroughly cook As the chicken cooks you will see the chicken start to float to the top and that is a good indicator that the chicken is done

Once done, remove the chicken with a slotted spoon or you can place the chicken in a colander to drain For the sauce I'm using some water but you can use broth, adding in some light soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and some corn starch for thickener Giving that a good mix and setting to the side This is Chinese cashew chicken so we have to have lots of cashews! I'm giving the cashews a gentle toss and toasting in a dry low heat pan Cashews are the highlight of this Chinese stir-fry and this will help enhance the cashew flavor

Toast for about three to four minutes and then remove the cashews from the pan Okay! Let's make this Chinese cashew chicken stir-fry In the same pan on medium-high heat I'm adding in some oil, minced garlic and ginger Giving that a good stir and cooking for about 20 to 30 seconds and then I'm adding in some diced onions, bell peppers and celery Cooking and stirring for another two to three minutes

I'm adding in some diced snow peas Cooking and stirring for another minute In goes the toasted cashew nuts and the chicken Giving that a good gentle toss to combine Giving my sauce a good stir and then pouring all over the top

Cooking and stirring for a couple minutes and the sauce will thicken The chicken, cashews and vegetables will be coated in that delicious sauce And it's time to eat! See how easy that was?! This Chinese cashew chicken stir-fry is easy, delicious and comforting Forget about ordering out and make it at home I really like Velveting the chicken

With the crunchy cashews and vegetables, the smooth velvety tender chicken is a nice contrast The sauce is light and brings everything together I hope you give this Chinese cashew chicken stir-fry a try and enjoy If you like this recipe please hit the like and subscribe button Remember to hit the bell next to the subscribe to make sure that you get my future video recipes

You can also find me on Steemit, Facebook and at my website Feel free to share this recipe and my channel with your friends and family And until next time, Much Love!


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