Healthy Dinner Recipes For Muscle Building (Dinner Recipes)

Healthy Dinner Recipes For Muscle Building Hey guys the muscle quick Gabriel here again in my kitchen and today I'm going to share with you one of my very Healthy Dinner Recipes For Muscle Building popular recipe and one of my best recipes According to most people anyway, it's my homemade protein bars my high-protein fudge bars and to be honest These are the most tasting homemade protein bars in the world I'm not kidding

Like actually they're pretty adventurous because they're very addictive I kind of stopped making them actually for myself because I would eat the whole pan for myself basically, but it's a very You know very easy recipe to do Easy to prepare easy to make and the thing is it's all made of natural ingredients, you know There's not protein bars and knives It can be very convenient You know when you travel or you know what you want a quick snack, but however Like most protein bars on the market are filled with you know, nasty stuff so and lots of sugar basically, so now I'm going to show you how to make a very healthy protein bar and You're gonna see it's very easy to do So I'm going to show you what you need for this recipe You need low fat milk here, I got a 1% milk any low-fat milk would do you need about half a cup I'm gonna tell you about why I say up about a half a cup because you might need to adjust it You need 3 tbsp of natural, honey Natural peanut butter as well neither but the 1/3 of a cup 3 tablespoons of crushed peanuts Alright, so here what I do that took whole peanuts and I just crush them and put a spoon in the plate I'm gonna show you what you're gonna need to do with those later on You need 1 cup of oatmeal that cup of oatmeal It's only 1 cup I use As you can see is the quick oats It's basically it's not the old-fashioned, you know large grain, its Large flakes

I mean sorry, it's a it's a quick rain So it's it's easier to mix because it's actually cut in half And like 8 scoops of oatmeal oatmeal of protein powder chocolate protein powder you get pretty much choose any flavor you want this recipe, however With all the ingredients it works a lot more a lot better with chocolate protein powder The taste is a lot better So about 8 scoops and it's about 30 grams per scoop This is a size I you know I base myself one for this recipe and you see what you need a big bowl and A glass dish That's it

Alright now we're gonna start the dirty the dirty work You're gonna see this recipe actually it's easy to make with however the bars and you're gonna find it weird at first They're very sticky Okay, but there's a reason for that so You gotta start by mixing together protein fibers So we got about eight scoops and a cup of oatmeal Alright, so we mix that all together just mix the dry ingredients together first then what I do, I Put 1/3 of a cup Of natural peanut butter one thing guys make sure the natural peanut butter you got is fairly liquid if you use regular peanut butter and the peanut butter is You know kind of hard that was going to be very difficult to mix In this recipe and what's gonna cause it's gonna cause the mix to be very dry so you want to be natural peanut butter and you want, you know, very liquid like this one so I can just just use It's about it's about 340 tablespoons rounded up tablespoons of peanut butter Yeah, right if you just make sure You kind of you know try to mix it everything together and then you cooperate the honey so honey is about Three tablespoons All right It's about 3 tablespoon

Don't be too picky about it Because you want the cool the thing with the honey That's what's gonna make pretty much everything stick together is the honey so that's an ingredient Don't be shy Three good Tablespoons of natural, honey If you need more it's okay Sometimes now like it's three tablespoons, but Plus minus 1 tablespoon phase play So the mix very dry you're gonna need to add some liquid to it so that's why we get low fat milk So about half a cup of low-fat milk What I recommend don't start because it depends again It's going to depend on the type of protein powder you're using and everything So just start with a little bit less than half a cup and then add a little bit more if you need all right There you go Yeah Everything together you can see that The mix here still pretty dry

So we're gonna add a little bit more oops milk And I use big scoops of protein powder and the cool thing with this one again, it's all depends It's a new brand of protein I'm using Doesn't mix as well as the one I'm used to however you can see it starts blending all together So you really got to mix everything together well at first he's gonna start powdery, but The more you stir it the more it's going to form kind of a dough bar So there you go There we have we have that dough here to mix And then I'm gonna show you now What to do with them? Alright now that you've formed, you know, your mixer mix is done It's very sticky Alright and You can form this two ways You can do it

You can either take with your own hands, but it's gonna be sticking you can form bars with it or You can spread it in dish that you're gonna place in the fridge for about 45 30 to 45 minutes And then you can cut your bars Okay separately I Tried both to be honest, it worked both the same For this one, I'm just gonna show you the easy way is just to pour the mix in the pan As you can see it's very sticky So very hard, you know to Tyndale with your hands However, we put spoons pretty pretty easy So the thing is this one we bake Though and you just spread it How the bottom of the pan glass dish it is a bit better You can even like put some cooking oil or something at the bottom

So it doesn't stick this one It's not a big deal When's gonna actually when you're gonna put it in the fridge everything's gonna get more firm? Okay, now that we've spread, you know, the mix in the pan There's one thing you can do it So Chloe we don't have to do it, but I like to do it's very good You can't just spring call Your crush peanuts on top Alright, so Say three tables from no whatever you you want basically if I'm gonna use it for All of them, but you just sprinkle it on the top and they're gonna stick to the bars So now there it is

So now we're gonna put this for about 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge and I'll be back with the final results All right It's been about 45 minutes now guys And you can see it makes it snap firm and I'm gonna be able to cut my proteins into five bar I put my my bars into into five basic that mix so I'm gonna try to make about five Equal bars You can see they're pretty big They're gonna be pretty big bars So very good snack size I Got five bars my friend

There's still a little bit sticking it might require a little bit more time in the fridge However, the key here is to take them out and actually the thing because they might get Their solid on the top a little bit still a bit sticky on the other side what it can do Let's put them on the other side and then put the plate in the fridge and they're gonna be completely firm at that point So you do the same thing for the five bars? And this is the final results folks homemade protein bars All right, I got some visits now My big buddy ready the Machine rubbish Oh Just to prove is me Okay Well you come at the right time buddy because I just made my home make protein bars So you can give those a try and tell me what you think Yeah So, what do you think Are those the best homemade protein bars in the world? Oh Yeah, how many how many biceps up? to vie tips up right on All right, I'm gonna keep this no see ya Hey come back, man


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