Frittelle di patate. Italian potato pancakes recipe.

Hi everyone! I am Carmen, from Calabria [Italy] I've been living in Amsterdam for almost 7 years Today I'm presenting you a recipe my mother makes every time I go home: potato pancakes

This is what we'll need [ingredient list] Normally we'd need stale bread that we want to reuse, but today we have fresh bread Angelica has baked We remove the crumb and put it in a bowl For this recipe we're using a couple slices, about 100 g We add some water to soften it or you can use milk, if you prefer

It's time to peel the potatoes It's very important to wipe them dry or we will end up with too much water in the mixture Now we need a large bowl and a flat grater with large holes We use raw potatoes, and grate them so we don't need to cook them first I studied in Rome, I wanted to become a journalist

I've always had a passion for cooking, coming from a family of cuisine-lovers We own a small farm in Calabria, so I've always been close to food, nature and animals This passion has always been there, but after my university studies I left for a farm-stay in England I stayed there as a volunteer, and that's where I realised cooking and being around food was what made me happy, so I took that path I started researching, watching documentaries and following online courses to better understand the climate change issue and its link to the food industry

That's how I found out the food industry has a significant role in this I wanted to contribute somehow, and that's how the concept of my own business, Eat Responsible, was born It aims at helping people understand this link and how they can give a positive contribution Now we need to mix everything together: bread We press it accurately, so to squeeze all the water out This bread has the same consistency as my grandma's the one my mom uses to make "frittelle", of course Two eggs We mix Parmigiano in, about 50 g

A good pinch of pepper, some salt If you do add garlic, make sure to mince it finely We put parsley everywhere, in Calabria

Let's dry it thoroughly, then mince it Mix everything in I use a flat frying pan and olive oil to fry Olive oil gives it that extra flavour, it makes it taste like home, like rustic We let it warm up

And that's the sound of Sunday mornings! In the summer, when courgettes are in season, you can make courgette pancakes [with the same recipe] Moving from Italy to Holland allowed me to use local ingredients as much as possible That's what I'll do on my next adventure as well I'm about to leave Amsterdam to South Korea

When I'll be there I'm sure I won't find all of the European ingredients I don't think I will Then it's going to be nice to get to know the territory through the various ingredients you can find in [local] markets

When I found out I was to move there, the first thing I did was buy a Korean cookbook Potato pancakes are a second course you can eat with a side salad: Fennel salad or green salad, for instance They are even tastier when warm! Thank you and see you!


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