Easy Chana Daal Behrwan Karaly Vegetarian And Vegan Recipes Indian Lentils dishes 2018

chana daal stuffed bitter gourd, vegetarian recipe in this video i will tell you how to make yellow split peas stuffing for bitter gourd in very easy steps and using minimal ingrediants Asalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook you can do it! the best place for easy cooking this is yellow split peas soaked for 6 hours add pinch of salt and let it boil only give 1 or 2 boils it is soaked so it will cook quickly we don't want it very soft

now those who are new here, hit the subscribe button and the bell icon lets note down the ingrediants now mix all the ingrediants after mixing don't forget to check salt than adjust it according to your taste To see how to peel and deseed bitter gourd watch my video onion stuffed bitter gourd, its in the card also now i have made the stuffing lovely colourful split peas now fill the bitter gourd use a thread to seal them, it is also explained in detail in the card heat two tbs oil or ghee, i am using clarrified butter you can use any healthy option of your choice arrange all the bitter gourds in the skillete in very hot summers bitter gourd can servive for 35 to 40 hrs easily so it makes it a great snack for going on long trip cook them on medium low flame and change sides after every 8 or 10 minutes keep repeating until they get a nice colour on all the sides take out the gourd which is ready we will not cover them, because daal is boiled, we just need to give colour to the bitter gourd now these are done add the bitter gourds which we have taken out now put the remain lentils better mix, cover and let it cook on low flame for 10 minutes and serve the gorgeous stuffed bitter gourds enjoy with chapatti and Kachi Lasi tell me in comment did you enjoyed this recipe? and when you are making it subscribe to my channel for such easy and tasty recipes like this video and share it with your friends and on other platforms click on the share button and you will find all the plateforms there like my face book page and join me on instagram see you tomorrow with another recipe


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