Cheap and Healthy Recipes | Bachelor on a Budget Trailer

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, do you want to learn how to create healthy, tasty, and affordable meals at home? Well then it's time to subscribe It's perfect

I'm Marlon Doll, the host of Bachelor on a Budget I believe that food is fuel for mind and body, but that fuel should taste delicious, be affordable, and make you feel and run great This is the channel I wanted to learn from when I started to make big changes in my life I make succinct but fun cooking videos released every Tuesday, teaching you how to make simple but amazing food with tips and tricks to get the best bang for your buck Hey guys, today we're going to be making delicious healthy chili, Khoresht Bademjan, Shakshuka, Ceviche

I'm confident that you're gonna love the results so please click the subscribe button and get notified of new videos and join in our community Not this shit that I paid $535 for, real stuff


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Budget Cooking

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

Got Abs?