Best Pressure Cookers for The Money 2018

welcome to unmatched value today we are going to be talking about the best slow cooker or the money when we're making our selections our main focus is the price we also look at user reviews across the internet then we break down our selections in three categories value standard and premium our value selection is the lowest you can go in price and still get a good product our standard selection is the best all around our premium selection has the best features and specs but it also costs more all of our selections will be listed down in the description along with the links with the best price we found online the reason we keep our selections in the description down below is so we can update it every three months because it's easier to update the description than make a whole new video every time a new product becomes the best product for the money there will be a last updated date at the top of the description when we were making our selections we looked at four main points the first thing we looked at was safety pressure cookers are very useful appliances in the kitchen but they can also be very dangerous if you do not know how to use it you can easily get hurt especially if it's poorly made and the manufacturer did not take precautions for safety that's why it's very important to look at how your pressure cooker was made and if there's any safety features to assure you won't get hurt the second thing we'll look at what settings pressure cookers can be used for a lot of things you can cook a four-course meal in it when you're getting a slow-cooker make sure it has all the settings you like the third thing we looked at is how user-friendly it is most pressure cookers have a lot of settings and it can get confusing especially if you're new to it so you want to make sure it has clear instructions and it's easy to use the fourth thing to look out for is if the pot is Teflon free Teflon can release toxic chemicals that are harmful so if you do not go with one of our selections that are old Teflon free we recommend you don't get anything with Teflon so those are the main things to look for we want to thank everybody who liked commented or subscribed we hope this video helped you and we'll see you in our next video we hope you have a wonderful day thank you for watching


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