Tia Mowry’s Slow Cooker Chili Recipe | Quick Fix

– Hey, guys! What's up? It's your girl, Tia I'm so excited because today I am gonna be making my slow-cooker chili

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make a huge batch and I'm gonna freeze it for later That's like music to my ears We all know, when you have a newborn, you don't have much time on your hands And that definitely means not making dinner (laughs) So what I'm gonna do is that I'm gonna show you guys how I make my chili in a slow cooker

(upbeat pop music) Before I put this in the slow cooker, I'm gonna brown my meat First I'm gonna add some vegetable oil to my skillet here And this is beef that I'm using Aha, here that nice sizzle? Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle! I'm gonna add some onions So you don't necessarily need to make this recipe if you're having a baby

If you're a busy working mom or if you're just busy in general, this is great for meal prepping You know, when you have a baby, I find that some of your friends or even your family members, their first instinct is to bring you flowers No, We don't want no flowers Maybe, maybe a little But we want food! We want something to eat! I'm telling you, I learned that with my son, Cree

I was like, oh my gosh, I am so hungry And you know, you don't necessarily have, not necessarily, you really don't have time to be in the kitchen cooking for your family And I'm telling you, that's all you want, is just food So if any of you guys out there who have friends who are expecting babies, this is like the perfect gift for them And it's easy

Food! (laughs) This is one of my favorite things about a slow cooker It's just basically dumping everything in and stirring So, my beef is done I'm gonna go ahead and dump that in first, and this smells so good What I love about this is, I'm gonna make this big batch and I'm gonna freeze it and enjoy it for later

Next up, some garlic Oh how I love some garlic Get in there, buddy A can of diced tomatoes There we go

This is gonna be so good White beans, nice source of protein in there And my secret ingredient, vegetable juice, which is just gonna add lots and lots of flavor to this chili Yummy, yummy, yummy And some frozen corn

And you don't have to wait for this to thaw out, which is awesome And now on to my spices Ancho chili powder, which I don't know for some reason, reminds me of like, ain't yo (laughs) You know, like, I ain't yo mama This is so good, it's just gonna add some really nice spice

Cumin, which is a really nice, earthy spice And salt And pepper

There we go, just kind of mix everything up One thing that I love about chili is, you can have chili by itself, you can throw it on some fries, you can throw it on some rice, you could even throw it on a hot dog, some nachos, the list goes on and on and on and on and on Look at how easy that is Again, this is Tia Mowry's Quick Fix We love quick, easy, 'cause we have stuff to do

(laughs) Gonna put the top on and I'm gonna cook this slow and low for eight hours How easy is that? I smell chili Chili, chili, chili (groans) Oh, this smells so good Okay, so what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna thicken up my chili

And how I'm gonna do that is, I'm gonna add some almond meal Some people use corn meal, even peanut butter, to give it kind of like a creamy texture Almond meal is gonna make my chili really nice and thick, because after eight hours of cooking, this will water down and we don't want that Then, I'm just gonna plate it Look at that

This looks really nice and chunky I love a nice, chunky chili I wanna see what's in my chili And in my opinion, you can't have chili without some sour cream, and then my favorite part of chili, cheddar cheese Woohoo, this looks amazing

And my other favorite part, eating it Let's do this Get the chili in there with the cheese and the sour cream Here we go (hums) God I love food

(laughs) (groans) This is such a great, hearty meal that's just so easy I mean, you're just dumping everything in there and you're just cooking it really nice and slow, and it is so great Now, if you're making this freeze, here is how you would store it I'm a big fan of these glass storage containers, mainly because you can basically take your chili to the freezer, and from the freezer you can take it to the oven, and from the oven you can take it to the table (laughs) So there's less mess, less clean up, it's really easy

And not only that, I like the size of these because these are like single servings sizes, so you don't necessarily have to defrost the whole thing This can just be for you and only you (laughs) There we go Yummy, yummy, yummy I love these tops, also, because you know that they're airtight

There we go I always like to label what I'm throwing in the freezer That way, you know how long it's been in there And these will last in your freezer for three months So I hope you enjoyed my recipe and make sure you follow Tia Mowry's Quick Fix, so you don't miss an episode

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