How to Pressure Cook Uppukari, Indian Food Recipe

Hey kids JD here I found a recipe online for an Indian dish called Uppukari I think that's what it's called, I don't know

I've never seen it before, I've never had it before, no idea how it's gonna turn out so in the pressure cooker we are gonna try this recipe Once I've shown you how to make it I'm going to try it in front of you and review it, react to it, whatever you want to call it So, before we get started go ahead and hit that subscribe button down there wherever it is or there'll be another one at the end of the video Aaaand here we go! Mix 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder and then 1 tsp each of salt, cumin, chili, and pepper powders

To this mix in 250 grams of chopped mutton or any kind of red meat that you happen to have Next, in a 2 liter pressure cooker layer 1/4 cup of sesame oil, 4 teaspoons of water 1/2 cup of chopped shallots 10 curry leaves, and now I need to take you back to JD because we have a little explaining to do Take it away JD Thanks voiceover JD, This is a lime I'm bringing this lime up to you because the recipe calls for curry leaves but depending on your area you may not have curry leaves

So what you can do instead is you can take this green just the thin green outside layer you can go ahead use a fine grater get it off like I said just that green layer you'll find that there's another white layer underneath that you don't use that It counts for about 8 to 10 curry leaves which is what we need If you do have access to it use 10 regular curry leaves fresh off the plant if you can Do not use dried curry leaves You can get disasters from that, and I'll show you that in another video but for now back to you voiceover JD! Finally add the mutton mix that you made in the first part of this recipe Cook it on high for 8 minutes

Back to you JD! All right here we go let's see how it turned out it's pretty good! Okay well I put that aside so that way we could have a talk here So I enjoyed what we had it was very good we got the flavors of the cumin, the pepper, the shallots, all that came together really nice I imagine if you don't have shallots you could probably use onions, you know, probably substitute things Give it a try see what you like Now once again I want to iterate I used pork but you could probably use any kind of red meat for it it calls for mutton but like lamb is like $11 a pound here in some cases And I think I found it for seven at one point but it God Almighty it was like

it was four pounds well if you don't like it what are you gonna do with that lamb? I mean really what are you gonna do with it? so you know I don't know that it's really effective to do that in countries where lamb isn't prevalent it'd be the same thing with goat I like goat but I'm not gonna spend $10 a pound on it, it's ridiculous, so probably if you're in the US beef and pork are gonna be your standbys But I liked it enough that I'm gonna put this into regular rotation Okay that's it for this video feel free to leave a like leave a comment below if you don't like go ahead hit the like button anyway, show what a great human being you are

there'll be a link to subscribe, a link for a playlist full of videos just like this, and a link for my most recent video Once again I'm JD Tremaine thanks for watching see you soon


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