Combining Paleo Bread Baking and Running

Hi! It's Miriam And what do bread making and running have in common? Well, I can tell you, while the bread dough is rising, you can go running

It's very easy to do and I've done it And I'm gonna show you how with the recipe that I found online But before you make the bread dough make sure that you're completely fully dressed to go out for your run Now, these are the ingredients from the recipe that I found online

You'll see the link to the recipe in the description underneath this video You need simple ingredients Yeast Eggs I like to use two eggs instead of one

You'll need some apple cider vinegar and some coconut sugar and some olive oil and some almond flour and some tapioca flour Very simple ingredients Just follow the recipe instructions You're gonna mix the dough and then you're gonna let the dough rise for an hour to an hour and a half I like to let the dough rise for an hour and a half

I'll cover the dough with a cloth And then I put it in the microwave where it's nice and warm and dark And then I set my watch for an hour and 15 minutes because I want to get back from my run 15 minutes before the dough has finished rising It will give me time to catch my breath and to preheat the oven and to put the dough in the baking pan And then I put it in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees

And after 45 minutes, this is what comes out of my oven I just baked this a little while ago It's still hot And here it is Freshly baked Paleo bread! Oh, the kitchen smell so wonderful! And I've gotten up to 28 slices, sandwich slices in one loaf of this delicious Paleo bread

So, there you have it! A great way to combine baking bread with running And you'll make a good use, a healthy use of time So give it a shot Follow the recipe and bake delicious healthy Paleo bread and go out for your run You can do both at the same time! Remember, while the bread dough is rising, you are running

Stay strong Run Bake And have a great day


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