3 CHIA PUDDING RECIPES! Easy & Simple Chia Seed Pudding!

hey guys and welcome back into my channel in today's video we're making some breakfast so we're doing overnight chia pudding three different ways this is great because you can prep it before work or before school and just take it to go and you have a great healthy breakfast showing you three different flavors if you haven't yet be sure to subscribe by hitting that red button down below to see it lots more healthy recipes and I do have a whole healthy breakfast playlist so I will leave that down below because it's got tons of ideas in it for you and all the recipes for everything will be in the description box below as well so yeah let's get in it to some healthy breakfast so we're gonna start off by making the base of our chia pudding of course we need chia seeds these are loaded with calcium loaded with fiber omegas and iron I'm using some ground flax which is also gonna boost the fiber of this recipe now fiber keeps you full and fiber helps you to lose and burn a fact I'm adding in a little bit of vanilla for flavor and it also has some antioxidants in it then I am adding in the thick part of the coconut cream in a can and this helps it not only thicken a bit but also taste a bit more decadent than like an unsweetened almond milk so I highly recommend adding in some of that and then I'm adding in some almond milk this one is the ripple one which has protein in it but you can use normal almond milk just like normal unsweetened make sure you don't get the one with sugar that's key then you just need to whisk that all together now I found that this thickened quite quickly for me at the end in about 10-15 minutes so you don't even need to wait overnight that's the beauty of the ground flax that way you can make all these different flavors with it already thickened so in about 10-15 minutes it will be ready to customize so the first one we are making is chocolate almond butter it's delicious its decadent and it's perfect any time of the day let alone for breakfast so once your chia pudding has thickened up a bit I'm just using a cup measurement to put them in a bowl because we're gonna be adding in the different toppings and then this way you can make all the different ones that makes sense so I'm adding in a couple tablespoons of raw cacao now raw cacao is great because it's loaded with antioxidant and it hasn't been treated with heat yet that snippets between raw cacao and cocoa it helps to boost brain function and it's also loaded with serotonin which is a good like feel-good hormone basically so you stir that together and then once you get this rich chocolate enos I'm just putting it into a jar you can eat it right away but if you're taking this to work or to school I just throw it in the jar and I put on some almond butter for some healthy fats and it's super easy next up we're making a banana bread flavor which tastes just like banana bread I'm so happy with how it turned out so I'm starting off by mashing up half a banana and banana is loaded with potassium which is great for your circulation but it's also loaded with tryptophan which is good for stress relief I'm putting in some cinnamon for flavor as well as to help regulate the blood sugar especially with the sweetness of the banana the cinnamon really helps to cut that and then I'm adding in the chia pudding to this mixture because we're gonna be stirring it together so that we really get that nice banana bread flavor from the banana and the cinnamon all throughout the chia pudding so go ahead and stir that together until it's all incorporated it's okay if the banana bread is in slight chunks so you put that in a jar and then I'm just slicing up a banana very finely and I'm gonna put a few slices of that on the top and the great thing about slicing it thinly is that you still get the flavor of the banana but again as you can see I didn't even use a whole banana in this recipe so the blood sugar is not really gonna spike too much I'm adding in some walnuts which again a great healthy fat that's gonna keep you full plus they lower your C reactive protein which is an inflammatory marker in your blood perfect chia pudding it tastes just like banana bread and lastly we're making this blue berry lemon flavor it's so refreshing and I love the combo of the blueberries and the lemon so I microwaved some frozen blueberries and then I'm just mashing them down blueberries are loaded with anthro Sian ins which actually help to burn fat because they change the way that glucose is metabolized in your body I added a couple teaspoons of chia seeds and I'll let that thicken to the side while we make the lemon part so I'm taking some more of our chia pudding base and I'm putting a little bit of and extract you can also put a little bit of lemon juice but I feel like the extract just has a different path waiver to it and tastes really good in the chia pudding and then I'm putting on top our blueberries which have thickened a bit because we added that little bit of chia seed and then I'm putting on the lemon zest now lemon zest the actual peel itself is really great at decreasing cholesterol and also improving bone health so it's a win-win and that is your blueberry lemon so these turned out so delicious they are so easy to make and all flavors are different but each of them are equally amazing so I hope you guys enjoyed these recipes so I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to comment down below which one if you think is your favorite or you're gonna want to make first my favorite is definitely the chocolate almond butter because let's face it it's chocolate and almond butter for breakfast you really can't get better than that you haven't yet don't forget to hit that red subscribe button and I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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