Roasted Tomato Salsa Recipe – How To Make Homemade Mexican Salsa

everybody in Iowa no hippie BBQ what I would be doing today is going to be a roasted salsa recipe and this is a very simple recipe Becky was going to kind of distinguish this from a lot of recipes as we're going to be roasting these vegetables typically I would roast them on my weber kettle drills and I'm going to press for time so we're going to be roasting them on my trailer drill anyway the ingredients are simple come on in and take a look the ingredients are going to be using on this is we have some tomatoes I have a couple or I have one lime raised about half of this garlic a couple habanero peppers to red onions I have about five or jalapenos to poblano pepper and three these are Anaheim chili pepper since this not hatch green chile time if this hatch if it's hatch season go ahead and use those anyway what I'm going to do and we also have some cilantro what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and get this grill fired up we're going to just start roasting all these vegetables the only thing i'm not going to roast is going to be the habaneros and the onions outside of that we're going to roast it all so we are out here at the grill the first thing I'm gonna do is put on my peppers and I'm going to do my pepper separate from everything else now the poblano peppers this big one right here I may leave the charts skin on that the green chili peppers we will be taking the skin off of those and then the jalapeno peppers just need to get charred up a little bit and we're not going to peel those either so once we're done with that or grilling these things off the only thing we need to do is get our tomatoes on here and we're going to throw our lime in here just to get that flesh kind of teared up as well these peppers I can tell that some of the liquid starting to kind of run off of it so we're starting to get a little chart not quite where we want yet yeah it's probably gonna be about another seven eight minutes before I take a look at it I may pull these jalapenos off before that another seven minutes into this so there's kind of the char we're looking for the skin and separating from the flesh which is what we want on this this paper like I said we're probably just going to go ahead and keep the charred skin on it since this skin isn't it sick and the attalla pain yo peppers those actually look like they're about done so I'm going to go ahead and get something packed Emma let those go a couple more minutes and then I'm going to take those off and these are probably gonna go about another six or seven we've gone about another seven minutes I decided to leave these jalapenos on there but we are going to pull these off first take a look at our poblanos and imma let those go a little bit longer like I said we're not going to be pulling the skin off on these we're going to just let this go i'd say about another five minutes you're not going to have to watch me take those up next time you see me will be getting these tomatoes on now when you pull these off you'll see some people put them in bags and you know like a ziploc bag to help appeal it this skin is pulling back so well did I don't think it's going to be necessary on their tempers off now we're just going to go ahead and throw these tomatoes on and we're just going to kind of go for we're just going to kind of soften them up a little bit maybe get a little char on it now what we've definitely going to want to get some char off though are these lines I may actually go with another line depends on our salt to taste we mix it together papers are kind of starting to split I'm going to let these go for probably about another four minutes maybe I might let them go about another seven minutes these limes the juices already starting to flow out of them we have a little bit of a char on the moma go ahead and pull those off now so these are going to go about another seven minutes next time you see me we will be inside putting this together Terry Linda all these peppers and tomatoes everything together this is going to be kind of tailored towards what you want probably what I'm going to do if you've got a couple back in this litter I do have one of those nutri ninja blenders and to me I just like this little lot better if you like it a little bit more course you just throw it in more like a food processor type thing anyway oh we're just going to let start off with about three to wait just just the liquid in there hit it with about three cloves of garlic now here is what is important to me you always be people that take the feeds pepper to me the seas are the best part so I'm gonna just pull this dim up leave the seeds in that's what edit so that's one poblano pepper and go as a couple how the pineal peppers going to go with one of our habaneros miguk one hatch let me throw in my cilantro now as well and then they just one more tomato just to get the liquid going in there like I said this is probably going to take a couple Baptist to do and what I'm going to do is blend this up I'm just going to put it in this big little top so everything is just going to kind of get put together then with me everything blended up and we're going to see this we're probably just going to go with salt on this outside of everything this here so that is our last batch right they're just going to pour this in with the rest of it this was about a half a gallon of the mission you got that los andes ooh squeeze these landing here and I'm going to let this chill out for about two hours before i had any salt to it just so these flavors can come together and i'm getting a real tasty with this salsas leg all right it is time for this taste test you know I was making this roasted salsa for my man siren at TMC barbecue just rolled into town from Iowa let's go siren went off bro okay you know what I tone this off it down a little bit didn't use as many habaneros as I normally would but you know I don't you get on in and take a taste and let you go first a male where my mom got that must live pretty sure told you in the type full flavor it is that's all them roasted peppers in there who now you know what last time that we used some dried red peppers in that I didn't have any other hand with the area this works out well anyway I appreciate you guys coming by no hippie BBQ run by T and T BBQ and take a look at this candle if you have it yet if you want to do somebody does out there working that smoker this is your guy he doesn't chew as much as me but you know that's just what happens when you don't have as good at tita's idea anyway thanks for somebody's barbecue I appreciate it comment subscribe and I'm out


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