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I was thinking maybe I was gonna skip the rap this week please please let me know if the rap is getting annoying it's kind of getting annoying to me but not about me it's about you so welcome back to another freestyle Friday every single week we're gonna cook it my way the recipes are free you know what keep it hot so grab that pen and paper let me show you what I got what I got today that's like a go-to for me huh mm-hmm kids getting a little weak on the rhymes but welcome back everybody to another freestyle Friday if you guys are new to this series it's a cooking show sort of kind of yes I guess it is every single Friday that we put on for you the whole point is to show you that cooking doesn't need to be intimidating it can be easy to make delicious recipes real quick so today we're cooking up something so simple that this is the kind of thing that you're gonna be able to whip up on a weekday if you got a can of coconut cream and some random veggies in your fridge we're gonna show you how to make a delicious vegetable curry let's get into it so for today's curry we're using coconut cream as the base and a Thai green curry paste and then from there we're gonna use different veggies as usual when you start cooking you're gonna start with an onion basically like every single meal has onion in it if you don't like onion or if you're allergic onion I don't know what to tell you because that's all I ever ever known that's all I've ever been known this is just a white onion that I'm gonna slice down and start sweating in the pot now the reason why I love this recipe is a cousin never really made it before and I'm sure it's gonna be delicious but B is because I'm gonna cook everything in one pot I'm just gonna start throwing stuff in there flavor flavor flavor flavor flavor ding boom time to eat as always the shopping list is in the description box below so I hope you find that helpful and you can pick up what you need first thing in the pot a little bit of olive oil you don't need much you can cook with water if you're really trying to cut back but I find even just a little teaspoon of all olive oil will enhance those flavors we got that onion nice and diced and just heating up our pan and we can go right in important to pre-heat your pot a little bit next I got some carrots in the fridge so I'm gonna throw those in so we're going to shred those down quickly and then chop them up into little chips I want to needs to have a little bite if you cut them too thin they're gonna be too soft also had a leftover bell pepper so I'm going to throw that in top tail on the side you can cut braid out those seeds like this little single seed onto the cutting board so for this curry I just went out and bought a green curry paste curry will actually change quite a bit in flavor based on different brands you're buying so I always like to just try a little bit and see what we're working with also this recipe is fully vegan so make sure when you're buying green curry paste sands fish sauce sands means you know in French I'm gonna go ahead with my black pepper here also gonna hit it with the cumin but a tablespoon garlic by the tablespoon they're building that flavor baby choo-choo flavortown well onion salt it's all dried up about a teaspoon that's all we got and I'm gonna hit it with a little heat little chili Chili's are gonna depend on how hot you want it we'll get those spices building starting to sweat down together little steamy sauna in there people last time you did ginger we're trying to tell you the trick about the spoon as if I don't know that release them I've tried to spin don't comment now you should really try this okay so I love ginger I'm gonna throw this whole knob in there may be spicy but I love it and I'm just gonna dice that down as much as I can probably sitting at home going all these balls smell like spam girl the truth is out I love ginger so I'm going ham on it I'm gonna throw that curry paste right in there a nice heavy amount probably like half this thing maybe even more I'm gonna leave that out because I might end up putting even more you can just mix that around right in here it's like go easy this recipe is it's like come on you don't need to think to start throwing stuff in a pot tomatoes the Italians know what they're doing makes it big their friends don't cheap out we're just gonna put one can of tomatoes from Italy Italian tomatoes holy smokes look at the color of these two nails you Nicole you're gonna be out of business soon look at the thickness there's no water that's tomato wow I did not realize those cherry tomatoes look like dice I got cherry now I'm gonna let this rest I'm gonna let those flavors engage get engaged hello they're gonna get together it's been the rest their lives together so they need to they need a minute cauliflower love cauliflower I'm gonna put the whole damn thing in there you are upset is that too much cauliflower you've never had a cauliflower you're intimidated by the looks of the cauliflower it's just like what even is that it's kind of like broccoli it's quite far we're gonna get rid of the stem you just cut that out boom just like a little triangle on the rest this we can just always work from the bottom the bottom here we're not gonna want to cut like that this is the goal this is the golden crown but the golden crown face it down and we can just cut that into little pieces and then you go again and then you see the route here we're gonna cut into the route boom that breaks down route that breaks down route here cut that right in half and break that down keep going from the route and now you're watching the video staring at this little orange squash in the corner like aim and you haven't talked about that it hasn't wasn't even brought it up once thought I forget about it did you this is just butternut squash you peel it back it's a huge pain it's nice thick skin so you want to peel it back even here this okay I got a little soft on it so I got to get rid of that and then you got these are the nice little cubes so we're making this is like a squash curry amazing I'm gonna go ahead and add some coconut cream let's squash is gonna take a little bit longer to cook Dennis Kali I'm gonna throw this in thick crema that you go ice-skating on that you guys ever gotten ice skating before Wow chopped baby this is the flavor tone just wait that thick creme on top you guys have never played with a coconut can of coconut holy smokes it's fun beautiful now we're looking like a curry am i right all right guys that coconut cream that full fat cream just adds a next-level I want to paint this all over my body and lick it off kind of thing I'm thinking I might want a little spice here for me personally but I know not everyone does so I'm gonna leave it for now we're gonna throw in the rest this curry it's only like another scoop or so you can use that I definitely think there's enough spice though you said you don't think spicy enough for you it's good is it not hitting you now I'm gonna hit hard okay so that's a full jar 112 grams curry paste thanks for coming out it's nice and thick I think I want a little bit more sauce I'm gonna have the other kam curry curry all right I just pierced some that squash with my tip and it's soft so we're going in as I mentioned you can basically use anything you want in your pantry in your fridge whatever you gots but make sure it looks pretty so if you don't have any green quickly pop-up to the store get some green otherwise it's just gonna look like you know you know what I'm saying so yeah this is gonna really add some color squally coconut curry delicious site indeed well as you know I've been trying to get in shape so I'm just doing some stretches here as you wait for your squally curry we're going to join I let it simmer for a few more minutes and now I've taken out my rice that I did ahead of time put that in the bottom a little bit of cilantro boom you've got a spicy hot it's not that spicy but it's super hot delicious curry I'm gonna try and get a little bit of rice from the bottom here it is so flavorful I find Indian food absolutely amazing this is kind of like an Indian Thai curry I'm not sure which one I'm not Indian for time I made a curry very very coconut heavy we've got our squash in there which is amazing it's it's it's just an incredible dish once again you can't really mess this up like you can throw anything in there you could serve it with naan you could serve it with rice you can serve it with pasta it would still be amazing hmm so I encourage you to try that one intro that into your weekday lineup because it is so easy throw it on watch the TV throw it in watch the TV whatever you do I don't watch TV hope you liked the video smash that thumbs up if you did be sure to subscribe to our Channel please there's a little boom you guys know the youtubers they all tell you to do this do that but then a day it really does help our channel grow so blip please if you got a gmail sign in sign in gmail boom subscribe we're gonna hit you up every single Friday with a brand new bed set people root alright peace love other drugs no drugs stay hungry


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