Pressure Cooker Recipes from Nom Nom Paleo

There's a kitchen appliance on the market gaining steam and cutting time and creating delicious healthy meals Electric pressure cookers are taking the country by storm So here to share some amazing recipes from her new book ready or not please welcome New York Times bestselling author and creator of social media sensation nom nom Paleo Michelle tan today I Am so excited to become a connoisseur of this because everyone's telling me, I'm missing out You are I think everyone should be cooking their own meals and this makes it super super simple we always talk about making nutritious quick meals at home You don't always have to go to the store So I love this because you've got three recipes that you knocked out in this yes And what's great about it is you can throw everything in and then walk away And you can long about for most learn state determines, so like this chicken recipe probably takes 20 minutes from start to finish You just mix together some salt and some chili powder and You just dump the chicken right in you can use breasts or thighs I like thighs because They're tastier So there's a secret to these that you have just enough marinade in there that it's it's kind of in there hanging out almost like Yes, I don't want to call it a soup That's not the right word but it's just it's all in there mixing together the beautiful flavors of your spices are seeping into the dish yes, and You just lock on the lid so that's the thing like people always worry about I mean everybody has a friend who's friend Had one explode, but you know You know I think that they're super safe these days There's lots of safety features all you does you lock on the lid, and then you press a few buttons and then presto you And then 10 minutes 20 minutes later It does take time to reach high pressure so even though it takes like 7 to 10 minutes to cook it does take 10 minutes to reach pressure But that you don't do anything during all may take 10 minutes to cook but usually it takes me about one minute to eat it so Dr

Boxer let's try it You know what I love Its moist its maintained as moist as I hate I hate it when things get really dry so moving on Great delicious dish what's next so this is Sunday gravy So it is your classic Italian American dish we imagined by your favorite Chinese American paleo cook Basically all you do is you throw in all the ingredients into the pressure cooker But it's high in protein and it's got Italian sausage and flank steak and pork country ribs And you cook it under high pressure for 50 minutes But that whole time you can walk away you can program it while you're sleeping You can program it before you take your kids to soccer practice like it's so basically This is for No offense for using this term But people who can be idiotic in the kitchen can even figure out how to use this right yes but with great power comes great responsibility But having not used this yet I Wanted to have this great power but I want to do responsibly right and I think Sometimes it's a little complicated like everyone who knows how to use it is so excited and They tell people and people buy it and they leave it in the box because like I don't know how to use it But that's why in my books and on my blog I have Step-by-step pictures for every single recipe and so I will tell you here press this button put these in here step to press this button This is what it looks like like so it What's your cell phone? And then these are tell us about the noodles because I'm so impressed so these are cooked over zucchini Noodles all it is is its spiralized zucchini You don't even have to cook them because the warm sauce will you know make them tender? And they'll be al dente just like possible dr Bara Yeah, what do you think? And what's so great about this size? Are you incredible? Thank you Yeah, I think what's really nice Is that the flavors have really seeped through? Everything I think that's what the pressure does it drives it all the way through the bite It's so good, and you can freeze it you can use it in a bun you said you said totally I think you could do that no no right so what is this dish so this is packed with umami This is my kabocha and pork Stew, and so oh mommy for those of you who don't know it's the fifth taste besides sweet sour salty and bitter, and it's that indescribable delicious And it's like a savory right that is its yumminess, and so is the yellow

I'm seeing here from squash What is this that is kabocha squash, so it is a Japanese pumpkin that has the texture of chestnut, but tastes like sweet potato It's my favorite Thank you I'm a guy who I admit I eat a lot of edge, but I have to like a little kid I need to mix together that's amazing You


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