Nuggets Rezept | Kokosnuggets auf Mango-Gurkensalat | Paleo Follow Marnie [Folge 1]

AH AH AH! Welcome to our cooking show with FOLLOW MARNIE This is my wonderful assistant Wolfgang * speaks indistinctly * Thank you very much Today we cook a crispy

*Oh oh* Coconut chicken on mango cucumber salad First and foremost, we cut the ingredients for the salad *sings* Mango *laugh* *laugh* Yeas! No! * speaks indistinctly * But! Maybe! No, we can not give out your phone number * speaks indistinctly * That's great! Oh! So, hot and greasy

The onions and the fennel are steamed glassy We put the whole thing off with some lime juice Wolfgang please, your turn! Next we season our good dressing with a little bit of pepper, salt and olive oil Possibly you take another shot of water with you It is important that this dressing becomes very intense, we give it right in the salad and if the dressing is not intensive, the salad bland, that's what no one wants So

Pepper, salt and a little olive oil Pay attention to virgin olive oil, because otherwise it is not Paleo diet and not so healthy for you We need a bit of liquid, so a little bit of water would not be bad good Last but not least Last but not least

Honey! Dressing is done Mix it! Now we prepare the nuggets Cut the fillets into the desired nugget size And season with salt and pepper

Wolfgang no! mix it! Tasty, yummy, yummy, yummy Na, Wolfi Yes delicious Okay okay

okay Yes, sir! * sings ??? * Yeah! We roast now I agree! Warm the pan at medium level with palm oil For example, a 7 if you have 9 levels Roast the nuggets per side for about 3 min For a more intense taste still stirs garlic in the pan

Salad, Coriander and coconut nuggets Ahhh! *sings* Holy cow We did it The food is served ??? Oh yes you say so! * clearly smacks * * Cutlery falls " Oh Oh! Kick it, all right

Tastes great So if you enjoyed our cooking show, subscribe to our channel Wolfgang show yourself please Very good at these social media links you can find "FOLLOW MARNIE" recipes and music

Recipes are on my website and on our YouTube channel music and the cooking show Do you have anything to say? * speaks indistinctly * Wise words! Bye! Is very tasty, right? Whispers: "Next time we will cook with alcohol!"


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