Oh flavorful but to make this I have three small catfish fillets in here which as you can see I just cut into strips now you can use any mild white flesh flashy fish for this guy stuff you know whatever you can find is fine I'm going to put some salt in it the dark green of one scallion a garlic clove which I meant and then I'm gonna juice a lemon on here I'm gonna mix it and then I'm gonna let this marinate for at least thirty minutes before we fry it go ahead and put this line to the fridge hang in this bowl you can see I'm beating it with my pork I'm gonna add a little bit of mustard to this let's call it half a teaspoon cream you can use milk that's probably a cup of flour a teaspoon of baking powder teaspoon salt 1/2 a teaspoon of oregano 1/2 teaspoon of pepper what we're gonna do is cover each piece of fish we have in our egg we'll do it one at a time and we're going to shake off the excess and then we're going to coat it with the flour I'm gonna do this with all the patient thing we're gonna fry it we have some very hot oil in this skillet you know it's been heating for about oh I'm gonna say seven minutes we're going to deep fry our fish and it's very important that the oil be very caught otherwise it's in the oil and the oil is going to be greasy we don't want that we want it to seal I only wanted to cook the fish the only way that's gonna happen is if this is very hot so I'm going to test this by putting in a little piece of bread and as you can see it is fizzing up right let it brown nicely on both sides a little and I put it on a favorite towel lined plate these are very big so you know a few minutes nice and brown the fish will be cooked in the middle so don't overcook them so here is our fish doesn't look good you know obviously you can serve this with tartar sauce if you want what can I eat it just with some lemon on it so this is very good the outside is nice and crunchy and look how flaky the fish is on the inside it's perfect and the flavor is great we put a lot of flavor in this it's very very nice thank you for watching this video I really appreciate it if you liked it and give me a like thank you if you can share with your friends thank you again if you haven't stuff are you gonna do is click right here and they'll take you to the right place to sell them you


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