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Hello friends today we will be seeing how to make homestyle mutton biryani the required ingridients are first: chop 2medium sized tomatoes the 2 mdeium sized onions ginger-garlic paste corriander leaves pudina leaves 2-3 chillies 2-3 bay leaves and some lemon juice 1 glass of rice mutton cooked with chilli powder , turmeric powder and salt in about 5-6 whistle's in a cooker now I have added 2 spoons of oil in a cooker first add bay leaves and a small piece of cinnomon stick fry them well now add some chillies after chillies are fried add some onions fry the onions still they turn golden brown now the onions are well fried now add the ginger-garlic paste now fry them again now let them fry for sometime This will help in improving the taste after the onion and chilli is fried well add the pudina leaves after they are fried for sometime let's add the chopped tomatoes fry them till the tomatoes get soft after the tomatoes get fried add some lemon juice saute the dish after mixing well add the cooked mutton to the mixture mix them now add the important ingridient mutton biryani masala Add about 2-3 spoon The method to make this masala is given in the description mix them until the masala and mutton mix together after mutton and masala fry well add the water which we used to cook the mutton Add about 1-2 glass of water add this water before adding rice If u are not interested in adding the water used for cooking mutton then you can also add plain water wait until it starts boiling Now it has started boiling now you can add the rice Now mix it well After adding rice add some salt Add little amount of salt as we have already used salt while boiling the mutton Now we have mixed well now cook it in medium flame for about 20-25mins cover it with a plate now we have cooked the birayani for about 20-25mins lets turn off the flame and check out our biryani Rice has cooked very well mix them well check if the mutton pieces have cooked well now our birayani is ready curd is the best side for our biryani If you liked this recipe don't forget to try also share our video comment and also subscribe to our channel THANK YOU


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