Mexican Inspired Meals & Recipes – Quorn Revelations Day 2 | Quorn

-Cheers! -Cheers! Cheers! -I wonder what the Tasty Twist is? -Yeah I love chili con carne

It's delicious It's delicious -And it's spicy -It's easy I do love sweet potato

-That looks lovely -With sour cream It's really nice, isn't it? -OK

-It's actually got a lot of taste -Sometimes you have a lot of spices -It's just really, really nice and easy Oh, I love it I'm not going to have to eat for a week

This is amazing -It is quite spicy, isn't it? -Yeah That's so good It's Quorn! I knew it! I knew it I should have known

I think often, with chili, you're more wanting the spice Yes That's what's good about Quorn It sort of takes flavour


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Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

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