MEXICAN CORN ON THE COB – Cinco De Mayo Grilling Recipe

today we're going to teach you how to grill corn mexican-style just in time for Cinco De Mayo We have here white sweet corn, lime, Parmesan cheese if you don't have Fresco cheese, chili powder and mayonnaise affinity first step is to grill belt with white one we're going to place them off of the post it's not going on here so we're going to put them near the cold for about seven minutes and turn them a little bit you don't have to cover it or anything but turn them up every couple of minutes to make sure that they cook all around and then for the last two minutes we're going to place them right over the code to give them that charge toward so it's been about two minutes and we're just gonna turn them and you can see since they're getting charged already but i like them extra charge go up with the political celeste couple internet now that we had this porn for about two minutes right over the coals they look pretty charred all around and they looked ready to come off the grill you can see the color is more yellow and more brown all around the porn and now they're ready to come home now that we have the corn grill we're gonna go ahead and use the Miami just put on the horn and even if you don't like violence you won't be able to taste it that much I still be done with it then my main help the cheese speak better but you don't really think that that much so don't worry if you don't like mining you can use butter instead now we're going to put the cheese on top of it and see how well the cheese sticks to porn because of the naming the next day we're going to do is use chili powder and just sprinkle it all over this morn justice spices you wanted to be the last thing is to fuse lime the line will add extra flavor to this point and you're done and now we're ready to try the Mexican style corn Oh


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