Meatballs with Ouzo, the best Greek recipe

Hi I am BensBQ and these are meatballs with ouzo

A Greek friend gave me this recipe She said why do not you make meatballs with ouzo But I had never heard of it But I love meatballs and certainly ouzo Cheers Vasiliki

Like I said we make meatballs with ouzo But also a tomato sauce

And we are going to make that first We put some olive oil in the pan Some finely chopped garlic 2 cloves is sufficient And 1 onion, cut into cubes

We will bake this until it has a nice color And if it has a nice color, the diced tomatoes are added A red pepper cut into strips This is already beginning to smell good Then the leaves of some sprigs of thyme

Can of tomato paste He does not feel like it Tomato paste Then a splash of water is added Something like that is enough I think

And of course a glass of Greek ouzo Pair of sprigs of rosemary And then the lid can be put on And we leave this on a low fire for 15 to 20 minutes In the blender we have 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic and some spring onion

This is also included That's how it is Shaved olive oil And then mix And this goes with the minced meat

Then a kilo of minced beef is added We do that in the scale 2 eggs Then 2 tablespoons of Greek herbs This is very similar to vegetable bouillon cubes

Yes, you can also use that You can also use a piece or 2 or 3 vegetable bouillon cubes, just what you like Then 2 teaspoons of sambal Or a little more Some mint leaves

This always smells so good My wife sometimes makes tea with mint, she likes it Then a dash of milk And of course ouzo Little breadcrumbs Then it is time that we start mixing this And if it's mixed, we'll make meatballs out of it

Meatballs with ouzo I think I like it This minced meat smells really great Will taste a little bit Bit spicy Delicious

So then we are going to make the balls now And then it is time that we start baking them I use some sunflower oil A dash in the pan And if the oil is nice and hot can my meatballs in the pan

After a few minutes, we can turn them around A few minutes later the balls go into an oven dish Then the tomato sauce And when this is done, it goes into the oven at about 180 ° C or about 357 ° F and then 30 minutes I think so keep looking This smells fantastic

And then it's time we go and taste the meatballs with ouzo Of course we also made a tomato sauce with ouzo So let's go and taste it It smells great Only a little hot

Meatballs with ouzo Yes, this is really nice Little paprika on it Meatballs with ouzo I love it

It is a bit spicy but you taste all those flavors I will say enjoy your meal Let me take one


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