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thyroid friendly Mediterranean juice the hypothalamus is the body's internal thermostat it regulates the body temperature by secreting hormones through thyroid glands that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy hypothyroidism is the under production of the thyroid hormone symptoms chronic fatigue loss of appetite intolerance to cold low body temperature slow heart rate weight gain elevated cholesterol PMS problems heavy period infertility muscle weakness muscle cramps dry and scaly skin head loss loss of one by third of outer eyebrows low immunity migraines constipation poor memory and concentration lighter droopy and swollen eyes if you have many of the above symptoms do a self-test keep a thermometer by your bed when you awaken in the morning place the thermometer under your arm for about 10 minutes or get a digital thermometer that beeps when the temperature is ready for reading keep a log for five days if your readings are constantly low at 97 for the 6 degree F or lower it may be an indication of hypothyroidism consult your health care provider here is a thyroid friendly juice for this we need 1 red pepper seeded 1 tomato 1 lemon peeled 1 koo kumba pinch of sea salt wash all produce well cut off stem of red pepper and remove seeds seal lemon if desired flyspeck oomba and tomato to fit your juicer get a blender jar add red pepper pieces tomato pieces to convert a lemon juice and some salt add some water and blend well by taking this juice regularly you can reduce thyroid disorders thanks for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos


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