hey guys it's Iva Scelfo welcome to my channel and welcome today 25 of my 30 days Keto diet summer transformation challenge if you new to my channel then don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you do not miss any of my videos today for lunch I'm gonna make some amazing Keto pasta as it's almost 1 o'clock and it's time to break the fast so let's get the line started so I'm boiling a pot of water when it's done I'm gonna pop these zero past a Shirataki spot get it in it and cook them up according to the packaging I'm gonna make with it some alfredo sauce so I'm gonna use this one this one it's pretty good it has only about two carbs in a quarter of a cup so this one it's a good then I have 350 grams of chicken which I just put salt and pepper in and I'm gonna add some mushrooms and of course some stretch it's gonna be amazing keto pasta today the first step when making shirataki was really important is to really run a lots of water throughout them and really clean them up good before you even put them in the boiled water here it is guys amazing spaghetti with alfredo sauce this tastes of the most important thing is that really washed the shirataki good with cold water and then after you boil them for about one minute you really have to fry them up in the pan it completely takes the taste to the different level excuse me and it want me to hold it please good luck little afternoon trees our home make your pink drink I showed the exact way how I make it in yesterday's block so you can watch it after this video basically I just bruised some black cherry tea and then you put some sugar-free vanilla in it and I put a little stevia as well and then one serving of whipping cream and well how is it I like this one better than the stall works for me like a cherry I do really love this a keto pink drink it's so refreshing so good so sweet so does Rob Rob actually decided that today is the day he is going to wash up that camper while maybe now he regret it as he started like five hours ago and it's like 100 degrees outside so poor boy me and axel we going out to a potty and I'm gonna play with him for a little bit if he can handle that heat and then I'm gonna make us some snacks EXO is in for a treat this one's so gross but he's gonna love it chicken feed for you are you gonna know what to do with it I'm gonna show you what I'm having for a snack I'm having a smiley face I have a one software egg a one serving of hard salami and a quarter of a pickle yeah guys it's time to make the dinner today will be another of these lazy Kido dinners just Popham the grill I took out these a chicken ties so I'm just gonna use some salt pepper and some paprika to spice them up and put them on the grill and as a side dish I'm gonna make some broccoli slaw with some mayo I'm gonna put some also like a sliced almonds in it and just make it good I'm probably gonna even put like a little bacon in it just to make it like a nice salad and that's what's gonna be for dinner tonight here it is another lazy keto dinner edition it looks amazing I edit just smell some bacon and some almonds into that broccoli slaw and it's gonna taste amazing guys the dinner was really amazing while it takes a little longer to actually barbecue the ties on the grill it was about I would say 30 minutes to 35 minutes but it was worthy I definitely did love the broccoli slaw with a hinge of the bacon and little almonds in it it was really good give it a try and I thank you pretty for so we probably not gonna have any dessert so I think it's just time to wrap up today's video so let's do the last thing of the day day 25 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is done thank you guys so much for watching today's vlog and if you didn't do so please consider subscribing to my channel and if you did like this video give it a thumbs up and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night you


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