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Today we're going to making a gumbo in our instant pot It's a super traditional New Orleans dish that I'm just so excited to try There are many different varieties of gumbo but classic gumbo consists primarily of a seafood stock, a roux, or thickener and the Holy Trinity of vegetables: celery, bell peppers and onions First we need to set our instant pot onto sautee mode I set mine on normal which is the medium setting

We'll start with a generous portion of butter about four tablespoons and get that in rise and frothy and golden brown Once the butter is nice and melted, toss in your onions yellow and red bell peppers and your okra I used a frozen chopped variety but it's totally okay to use fresh Give it all a really good stir and get it all mixed up and looking good Next add the celery

I added some jalapenos to my gumbo and that gives the gumbo a nice kick a heat Next up are the tomatoes I chopped up some fresh roma tomatoes because that's what I had on hand but it's totally okay to use a can or a diced variety instead So next toss in your minced garlic chopped thyme, sea salt, and some white pepper You can use dark regular cracked pepper but white pepper is really what makes this gumbo traditional Give it a couple of quick stirs before adding in your andouille sausage

I used a fresh case sausage because I trust the instant pot will cook it all the way through but if you can't find fresh andouille, most groceries have a cooked andouille sausage with their hot dogs One thing that I love about the instant pot is that you can mix fresh and frozen ingredients and not have to worry about one not cooking through I actually forgot to thaw my chicken before starting this recipe so it's actually mostly frozen here hence the perfect cube shapes but it's all good because once the instant pot goes under pressure everything will be cooked pretty evenly Right now the main goal is just to get some color on the chicken before we pressurize the instant pot Next up are the aromatics aka your secret herbs and spices

Here I'm using oregano, basil cayenne pepper and some Old Bay seasoning Then we're gonna add in the flour and tomato paste The flour is going to help bind everything together and create a deliciously thick stew We're sort of making a roux here and the tomato paste will actually help bring out some color as well as add some thickness to the stew, and we'ill actually be adding more as a thickener here in a bit Next we're gonna pour in the stock

I'm using chicken and seafood stock Stir everything together, you want the flour that we just added to be totally absorbed into the liquid stock The instant pot is great because you get so many features in one device We're going to be putting on the lid and then making sure it's set in sealing mode and then we're gonna switch from sautee mode into pressure cook mode Hit that button a couple times so it's on normal mode or your medium mode and be sure to set it for about six minutes Mine does that automatically

While the instant pot name implies instant results there's definitely a bit of waiting time when it comes to getting the instant pot pressurized It's usually about at least 15 minutes on normal mode But once it's pressurized the screen will actually say on and that's when the countdown will officially start When the timer is up you can do two things, let the instant pot depressurize naturally over about 15 minutes or so or you can do a quick release and twist the valve on top so it releases the steam quickly Just be sure if you do that method to wear some heat protection because it will be hot

It's also super loud when you do the quick release – scared the crap out of me the first time I did it, so just be prepared for that or else you'll probably jump about your skin like I did Once we've depressurized and removed the lid, we're gonna pop back into sautee mode for the last few ingredients We're gonna add some more tomato paste in as a thickener and to add some more color and that's totally optional if you think that your gumbo is thick enough Next we're gonna add cooked brown rice You can cook this ahead of time just like I did in the instant pot on rice mode and then just set it aside and keep it warm until you're ready to mix it in in the final steps here

And then just add a quick squeeze of lemon and lime for some acidity, and then finally your shrimp and crab meat It's totally fine to use thawed shrimp and and canned lump crabmeat for these ingredients, just make sure that they are thawed And they're gonna cook through really quickly which is why they're added here last, Finally stir the pot for a minute or two while the shrimp and crab cooks through and then serve it up! Traditionally gumbo is served a white rice but I didn't actually have white rice and I didn't feel like going to the store to get some, which is why I used wild rice but traditionally speaking, yes, we serve it over some white rice Gumbo is a Mardi Gras classic I haven't been to New Orleans yet for the real deal but I'm determined to get there someday

If you like this recipe and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and leave a comment if you tried it yourself There's definitely going to be a few fun things in my channel this year, so hit that subscribe button so you're first to see I hope you enjoy this recipe and I'll talk to you guys soon


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