How To Make Thai River Prawn Salad | Phla Goong | Authentic Family Recipe #16

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Happy New Year to you all For this 2018 I would like to bring you a very nice recipe which is Fresh River Prawn Salad with Lemongrass So let's take a look at the ingredients Palm sugar, Fish sauce Lime, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime leaves Shallots, Bird's Eye Chilies Mint and River prawns I have BBQ:ed the prawns in advance

So you can look in the B-roll how do I do it Well, let's start with making the dressing We need a bowl and one tablespoon of Palm sugar Three tablespoons of Fish sauce Ok, so the sugar has melted – so I'm going to put the Lime in here

Don't forget squeeze the lime first Leave the core of the lime I use something like three tablespoons as well And next step, I'm going to put some chilies in there but before I put the chilies in the dressing I have to check that the sugar is completely melted and I taste it first Mmm If you like the taste already then you can put the chilies in there

I myself, I would like to put Six Birds Eye chili in there You just slice it like this If you don't want it to be too spicy you can reduce the number of chilies

Then I'm gonna add one whole Shallot in there and you slice it finely And then it comes to the special ingredient which is homegrown Lemongrass I like it, so I'm gonna put kind of like Four twigs of it, of them This is still hard We just use the soft part of it Remember to cut the hard root out Now you can just slice it Very thin While you're doing it you can smell the aroma already so imagine when you put everything in the dressing and pour it to the prawns it's gonna be perfect Okay, then next I'm going to peel the prawns And some Mint, or garnish I use three twigs OK now we're almost ready We just have to dress the prawns with this dressing and after that I'm gonna put all this garnish on top So come take a look And that's how to make River Prawn Salad with Lemongrass Super easy

You can try this at home You find the ingredients below or visit our website World of Thai Foodcom Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel Like and Share some comments For today, I hope you have a spicy day See you next tape

Bye! Let me try it Really good


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