How to Make Easy & Delicious Sushi Rolls Using Leftovers – Little Kosher Lunch

good morning everyone it's melissa from little kosher lunch this morning we're making lunch and the baby is off to my side eating her breakfast we had a delicious baked cod dish last night and i hope to get that video off to you soon I did a baked fish dish and steamed rice and veggies so this morning since I have some dried seaweed on hand I'm going to go ahead and put a sheet of seaweed which I have out here with a little a spread out layer of rice but I've warmed in the microwave with a little bit of rice wine vinegar we're going to lay a piece of fish on some cut-up veggies and I want to show you how quick it is to make a little sushi roll for your lunchbox so I'm gonna stand up and grab my supplies and I'll assemble this for you right now I'll have to put my coffee away all right okay so as you can see I have a nice little sushi sheet here you can moisten all of it or I like to just get the edge moistened and we'll see if it needs more liquid this is just a little water here I have my steamed rice I warmed it in the microwave so it's a little bit stickier I spread a nice thin layer more cottage cheese okay here is one sort of finger sized piece of the cod and I'll see if I can fit maybe one other little piece in there we go I have gone ahead and I thinly sliced some carrots and cucumbers I'm going to scatter those on right next to the fish just to have some color and crunch in there all right and then the secret ingredient for my daughter when eating fish is tartar sauce and this is just a homemade tartar sauce of mayonnaise and chopped up kosher dill pickles so I do a little layer inside my sushi roll and she likes some on the side instead of soy sauce okay I am probably gonna make a sushi roll for myself for my lunch later and I have leftover steamed asparagus and that would be really nice in a sushi roll next to your fish as well for this child my youngest child loves asparagus for this one I'm going to leave the asparagus out so I'm just gonna pick up my one side of the seaweed paper and begin rolling and tucking gonna get as tight a roll as I can it's rather inelegant I'm gonna rinse my hands real quick okay and then again I'm going to take a little bit of water and moisten the other edge and then seal it all up and then we can slice if you're doing a skinnier roll with less stuffing in it sometimes I'll take a knife and just chop the tail end of this excess seaweed paper off but since it's not too excessive I'm just gonna roll it up and use it the whole thing today okay a little more water to get a good seal there okay so now I have a chef's knife or another big knife and I'm going to firmly hold it I like to cut in half first there you can see my cute little sushi roll and then I go ahead and cut into some smaller pieces there you have it it's really easy to make sushi at home all you need is a little bit of seaweed paper from the Asian section of your market or you can order it on Amazon and then just leftovers so steamed rice and fish is a great dinner to make keep some veggies on hand roll up your own sushi for your lunchbox if you like this video we have lots of other lunch ideas and family meal planning on little kosher lunch you can visit my blog or please hit the subscribe button give it a thumbs up let me know your comments below thank you so much I hope you guys have a great day okay


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