How To Make Chicken Fried Steak And Gravy – Pressure Cooker Recipes

what is up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ what I'm be doing today is I'm gonna be making some chicken-fried steak and I'm gonna be using a pressure cooker now the reason I would be using a pressure cooker because I was just on the phone with a guy that I met on YouTube his name is Pierre and he's an over-the-road trucker and we started talking about you know what truckers eat and you know the complications with cooking food over the road and I told him what I thought would probably be the best appliance for an over the road trucker would be a pressure cooker and the reason is you can cook low and slow on it like a crock-pot or you can cook real fast like a pressure cooker or as you will see in this recipe you can use this not even in the traditional pressure cooker way so the advantages to using this pressure cooker in this application if you are a regular home cook and you're going to be doing at home is the size of this pressure cooker keep the oil from spilling out of that so your cleanup is going to be a lot easier this would not only be good for over the road truckers but a lot of people that are into RV camping and things like that this is great for that I know a lot of times RV people have a hard time keeping their kitchen area clean and this does reduce down on the oil splatter anyway we're gonna be doing it like I said the pressure cooker I am going to try to adapt this recipe a little bit towards what a truck driver may be doing so let's get out of these ingredients not tell you what our adaptions are be having this recipe in the description below if you do have to be an over-the-road truck or just use some of the techniques I'm talking about here anyway I'm gonna go ahead I have my flour I have that too a bag typically it would not be adding this to a bag but like I said I'm trying to DAP this for people that are on the road so I have the flower I have some seasoning and I have some cornstarch and we're just going to kind of mix this bag up I'm gonna go ahead and set this to the side I'll mix it up off-camera what I would be using in place of this if I was like and over the road trucker would be you can buy these this happens to be a shrimp fry but you could buy a chicken fry in these bags that are about this size so you're not traveling around with a bunch of stuff so I would just use this and throw that in the bag and that would be all that you need right there we're also going to need some eggs and I'm using three whole eggs and I'm hitting it with a little bit of heavy cream milk whatever we're just trying to thin it out a little bit so I'm just adding about two tablespoons of that to my eggs now what I would be using if I was over the road trucking or if I was in our beer or something like that you know they sell those little cartons of eggs that are already beaten I would just use that and I was horrible I'm with four good of the milk since I don't think it's absolutely that necessary what I don't think the difference would really be that big alright so typically I would not put this in the bag either but we're trying to make this you know pretty easy to clean up afterwards so like I said you got your little milk carton throw your milk into a ziplock bag and then it's a done deal alright now we're gonna go ahead and get our cube steak which I'm gonna be using in this egg white or in the flour then the egg wash them the flour again then we're gonna set it aside if you're over the road truck and you would go pan straight into the pressure cooker with this cube steak since you're not going to be cooking as much so this is what we're using right here I have some beef chuck cube steak make sure you get you some gloves especially for your trucker out there and we're just going to go ahead and throw it in the flour right quick come into our egg wash we're just gonna kind of let it drain a little bit and we're gonna come back to the flower and you could just shake this bag if you'd like now listen if you're a single over the road trucker boom this is done right here now you're ready to fry what I have about four or three or four more of these to go so I'm go ahead and get those done and I'll meet you back at the pressure cooker so these pressure cookers pretty much either have a sautee feature on it or they have a brownie feature on it I'm just going to go ahead and turn on the browning feature and once this starts to really start sizzling we're gonna go ahead and start cooking these cube steaks looks like our oil is hot we're going to go ahead and see if we can add two of these in here we're just gonna cook it until it's golden-brown so this has gone about three minutes we may end up flipping this twice but I'm gonna go ahead and flip it right now and see we're looking like that's a nice color right there so this is fully cooked right now I'm just gonna go ahead and set it on a broiler pan to let it drain depending on what your situation is you might just want to put it on a plate with some paper towel I'm gonna finished up these last let's together do four more and then we'll just start on the green chicken-fried steak that I might go ahead and add some of the flour that we used to coke to the cube steaks go ahead and add that to our oil this in here and this is just something that you have to highball I really don't have an exact amount on this but not much should do it now that we got that in we're gonna go ahead and add some milk and this is gonna thicken up I am going to go ahead and season it with a little bit of salt and pepper so our gravy is picking up nicely I'm gonna go ahead and turn this pressure cooker off and I'm just gonna serve this with some instant mashed potatoes so that deal got the chicken-fried steak and the gravy done and the pressure cooker now first time I've done so one thing I will tell you and the reason you might want to just do this at home with the other pressure cooker is there was no grease splatter or anything like that whatsoever and this guy heated up a lot faster than any of the skillets with a big cast iron or stainless steel so that is a definite plus anyway I'd like to thank one rich for giving me that idea listen one rich has a truck in YouTube channel and I actually like this channel just because a lot of the business stuff that he talks about and some of the like motivational things as uh some good stuff anyway let's go ahead and get into this I will also leave a link to this pressure cooker in the description below one of the things I like about this pressure cooker is Teflon coated so when you do get to an area where you can clean that thing out it's going to be super simple let's get in can I did make some instant mashed potatoes go along with this just to keep things on the easy theme tonight it's tasty and shoot if I was cooking for one person I know it's just doing one of these cute stuff to make chicken-fried steak out of that might have only taken them out let's see you about seven minutes to cook the chicken fried steak maybe another three minutes I mean this could be done another I mean let's just say under 15 minutes to be you know just to keep it safe anyway come to finish killing it so I'll let you guys go but I do want to thank you guys for stopping by though hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment subscribe I'm out Cube Steak recipes Chicken Fried Steak Recipes


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