How To Cleanse Your Colon From Stomach Worms – Saturday Strategy

Parasites Parasites

Parasites Everybody has them But not all people realize it, right? Exactly Hey guys! Today I'm with my friends, Justin and Melissa, and they're gonna talk to you about parasite cleansing, right? I'm a little freaked out so I'm gonna let you guys take over 'coz I've seen some of these photos of these nasty parasites and I'm gonna let you guys handle this, okay? Hi guys! The five easy things that you'll need to start cleansing today are three herbs – clove, wormwood, black walnut, a fiber supplement or psyllium husk, as well as bentonite clay, sometimes called volcanic ash So some common symptoms of having parasites in your body are bloating, digestive issues, things like IBS, can be yeast infections, chronic fatigue

All of these can be part of a greater problem Now, let's get to the root of the issue I know when I first experienced parasites is food allergies My food allergies became very sensitive and the smallest trace amount of anything that I was allergic to or sensitive to really hit my digestive system Okay, so you take the herbs and you mix them into a concoction

You do about 3 to 4 drops each I put them into a shot glass and fill the rest with water and take it like an alcoholic shot I do this because it does pack a punch and these are very strong herbs So you kinda wanna knock it back So you do the herbs in the morning and then you wait an hour – two hours is even better

Then you take the bentonite clay with the psyllium husk and then at night time you take the herbs again and then you repeat the psyllium husk and bentonite clay One thing you wanna do is to limit your sugar intake while you're on this cleanse 'coz the sugar will actually feed the parasites So by using the essential oils to kill them, you're also starving their food source by taking away sugar While you're on the parasite cleanse, you will take the herbs for two weeks on and then one week off And then one week on again

Once you're done with the cleanse, you're going to notice that your digestive system starts functioning properly, you feel lighter, you're not as tired anymore, you won't have as many food allergies Yeah, I noticed an overall improvement in health when I was finished My energy level went through the roof And before I didn't even realized that my energy levels had dropped because it was a gradual drop down After the parasite cleanse, I realized how low my energy level had been in the last few weeks

Alright guys, there's one gross fact that's gonna really thrill you If you check your poop during the parasite cleanse, you can actually see these little critters coming out There are different things like orange flukes or even round or tapeworms When you finish your parasite cleanse, it's really important to replace the good bacteria in your body by using a probiotic supplement We like to use biotic balance by Organifi

If you guys are interested, we have a link to see below I'm Justin and I'm Melissa and remember, we're all in this together


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