Guacamole – sos mexican de avocado | Guacamole Recipe

Hey guys, my name is Marian and I can't eat plain nachos I need toppings because otherwise I think they're tasteless

If you want to eat something you have to make it tasty otherwise why would you eat it? Today I'm going to show you how to make guacamole It's time to stop using avocado for your sandwiches, to quit eating boiled eggs and avocado or any other way you would eat avocado because of trends

I'm sure you love eating nachos while watching a tv series, a movie, a sport event or anything else After you'll try my guacamole recipe you'll be eating nachos while eating food Let's see what you need for the perfect guacamole recipe: I will use 4 avocados, one lime, a tomato, red onion, I'll use as much tomato and red onion it needs to get the taste right Salt and black pepper For maximum efficiency I'll start by chopping the tomato and the onion

You need to finely chop them as small as you can Be careful not to cut your fingers or hand while cutting the avocado

Use a chopping board to cut them Don't cut them in your hand Now that I've cut all the avocados it's time to mash them Many people use a blender for that, I recommend not using one You can use a fork for mashing it so the guacamole will be chunky and good

It's better to be chunky, I love it like that I'll use a mortat and pestle to mash the avocado I've mashed all the avocado There are some avocado chunks in here It's time to add small amounts of tomato, onion, lime juice, salt and pepper

You have to mix, taste, add more tom and so on until you make the perfect guacamole Don't stop until you make the perfect guacamole if you saw my recipe This is how my guacamole recipe looks like I've tasted it, it's great, it will blow your mind If not you won't be amazed by anything in this life

It's perfect This will be the best guacamole you have ever ate Try it It will take some time to get the perfect taste There aren't exact amounts for that

You'll add, mix, taste and repeat until you can call it perfect guacamole You will thank me It's so good I can't stop eating It's time for me to go watch something and to eat nachos If you liked this recipe press the thumbs up button, subscribe and activate the bell so you will get notification every time I post a new recipe

It's good, it's great, it's delicious Try it Don't be lazy Try it


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