CHICKEN CONGEE (Rice Porridge) Chao Ga Recipe

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Welcome back Honeysuckle Channel where I share delicious and intimate dishes and hardworking "bees" like you On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Erisy I will share some formulas I feel comfortable when I am baby food and some other recipes I enjoyed the past year This dish cooperates with Cuckoo To make the dish feel most comfortable when Being pregnant is "chicken porridge" Including rice and chicken If you are excited about Erisy's birthday Then press the like button And do not forget to click on the track to see more interesting vids for you Let's get started This is really a very easy recipe I have all the ingredients here Everything will be cooked Together in this versatile electric rice cooker To say this is very beautiful White and rose gold are very delicate It fits perfectly with the kitchen Here I have 2 chopped onions 1 and 1/2 tablespoons minced ginger Ginger used in this dish Help the porridge become soothing and soothe your morning I remember Even the garlic still makes me choke I can not eat anything So my mother made chicken porridge is this dish

And since that day I almost eat it every week the first 3 months of the election Awful But this dish is good for health for you too by bone tunnel water and other things It's easy to do and clean I have here 3/4 cup of white rice that I have voiced to clean I have 1 pound chicken breast and bone I leave the chicken skin to increase the taste and bones will provide plenty of nutrients in the broth When you cook them in a multi-purpose pot a little salt and 6 cups of water Or 6 and 1 cup depending on the porridge of the porridge you want I want to thin porridge should be I used 6 and 1/2 cups of water Okay, start cooking The voice is great I like it when it says to me when I'm cooking Like you have in the kitchen But if the baby is sleeping and I do not want to make noise I can choose to mute that's very handy Start cooking and open the lid Turns on browning fry at level 4 You have 6 levels to choose from But I do not want the food to be flammable I'm in the middle And I set the time is 7p And let it heat up about 3p and then turn over the aromatic seasoning about 4p When I let browning fry I can open the lid for gas circulation Or to cook something But I still have to lock it like this Start timing

I will wait for the hot pot While waiting for me to open instagram Where are you tagging yourself in @honeysucklebeez to share your finished product Every Monday I will share your finished product on insta story and it is very interesting You are really good, like great cooks Now it's enough 3p to heat it up I feel warm enough Now I will give some oil to eat Then leave 2 stalks of leaves, minced ginger Sip in 3p until it is fragrant As I say, the voice is very good So I can do anything in the kitchen and come back as soon as I was informed it was done The smell is very fragrant The smell of green onion and ginger started to rise Start turning brown I'm back again Then I put the rice I like to mix rice with green onion and ginger Make sure everything is in harmony with each other Put chicken in and fill with 6 and 1/2 cups of water Finally, there is a salt canteen You can use fish sauce instead as your mother But I like salt better Close the lid Lock it Then I was in porridge cooking mode in 1h 5p and let it cook Let's cook it ourselves One interesting thing is that at 4pm it will automatically escape Cuckoo multi-function cooker with electronic valve Automatically reduces the pressure when the food is cooked There should be no difficulty in reducing the pressure with that scary sound or risk of explosion The story is that I burn chin by cooking rice cooker It's so scrary That's it No need to wait for the gas to escape as it has automatically done Get yourself unlocked and show it to you chicken porridge The rice is cooked perfectly I like porridge it is a little diluted like this But if you want to be more dense as you said just drop the water May be 5 cups or 6 cups Looks really good I'll take the chicken and tear it out Then we will finish our dishes I have torn chicken and toppings here Ready to serve I will take a mouth full of porridge Topping yourself will remove the torn chicken perfect noodles a little green onions and onions cilantro To add flavor, add a little fish sauce and with spoon to eat porridge try one It is delicious The ginger got up It's not too big and overwhelmed that very gentle harmony and have a crispness of action has brought many flavors Chicken is cooked perfectly I want to say that I love This is just one pot And I love how cuckoo versatile cook cooks it perfectly If you want more information about this versatile cuckoo pot I have to link the bottom of the information should remember to see Thanks for watching I want to know what you like You are pregnant and what help you with morning sickness This is great if you get sick It is a treat to appease all Thanks for watching See you next time Bye – Sub by HNAT –


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