CANNOLI SICILIANI – Traditional Italian recipe (part 1)

Well! Good morning! (with heavy Sicilian accent) Lorenzo, do greet our friends from Youtube (with heavy Sicilian accent) Hello everybody! Hello Salvatore As you may have noticed we are in Sicily today in the city of Catania Lorenzo will be our special guest today You have already seen him in our videos from "Dolci in un secondo" So today what recipe are we going to present? Sicilian cannoli We are also going to show you how to make the waffles for cannoli we only need a few ingredients for the waffles we need: 250 gr of plain flour 20 gr of butter (unsalted) 60 gr egg (more or less ONE EGG) 15 gr of sugar and 60 gr of Marsala wine It is really easy to prepare you just need to blend the ingredients So I'm going to use the planetary mixer but you can do it as easily at home with a whip First the flour then sugar the butter (already softened) the egg And as it mixes I am going to add the Marsala wine, little by little We have moved see, this is a spectacular place I stronly suggest you visit this city Perfect for a holiday And most of all the people from Sicily are really Super kind and hospitable So do visit Sicily if you've never been there! We are still mixing the waffles dough If we wish to add even more flavour We can add a pinch of cinnamon powder So our dough is ready It is quite elastic, smooth and homogeneous, similar to the fresh pasta dough Now we only need a little flour and a rolling pin to roll it out of course it has to be thin Bear in mind that it will be fried Just like "Chiacchiere" (a typical fried dessert from Carnival) So the thinner it is rolled out, the more bubbles we'll get So in the end our waffle will have bubbles Let's roll it out And heat up some frying oil And let's finish making our cannoli from Sicily Good job, Lorenzo, with the rolling out So now we need a round dough cutter And the classical cannoli metal cylinders If you don't have any of these You can simply make cylinders out of tinfoil You ought to grease the cylinders with some spray butter Can you fetch some please Thanks Lorenzo In the meantime we heated the frying oil So now Greasing them with spray butter We are going to make just three, to show how After which we'll keep on making cannoli For all Sferracavallo (a district of Palermo, Sicily) So we cut out the dough circles Let's now take a dough piece and roll it around the cylinder (called "cane") So now our oil is heated up and we can start frying Our waffles are now ready and this is the final result Dear Lorenzo, we have the whole of Sferracavallo to feed with our cannoli so please keep going As I remind you that on the next episode of "Il giro del dolce" we'll show you another wonderful location If you like travelling follow us I will See you then on youtube on the channel "samuele calzari" Let me wish you a sweet day and a sweet trip with cannoli from Sicily


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