Best Spaghetti Squash PAD THAI Recipe

Chef Buck here here and today we're gonna cook up a spaghetti squash version of a pad thai first thing we got to do let's cut this in half and this is a terrible knife you want a nice big heavy knife which we don't have we've got this little dinky ceramic knife which is super sharp but I just don't feel macho like if i had my big knife with the wooden handle kind of like a caveman knife this is like you know it works you want to cut it into some nice even halves then take a spoon and dig out into pumpkiny guts and you can dig them out before or after you cook the spaghetti squash but I like to do it before cuz then I don't feel like I'm wasting too much in the insides but they'll pull right out of here so just give the inside a scrape you don't have to be militant about it doesn't have to be super pretty so now we got our two halves the spaghetti squashget an oven safe dish a little bit of water in there it's not a lot but you want to take your two halves of spaghetti squash set it facedown in the water and then we're going to go ahead and slide it in the oven and let it bake away we'll be back in just a little bit pull it out of the oven but you don't want to fool with it now cuz it's lethal it is so hot you know when you turn these spaghetti squash halves over a lethal cloud of steam will come up and disfigure you so you just want to gingerly turn this spaghetti squash over and then leave it alone let it cool down for a little bit and then once the spaghetti squash is cooled down then you can get to the fun part all right well here we are at the fun part you know my dish is cooled down so much that I can actually pick it up and handle it but our halves of spaghetti squash have cooled down it's still kind of warm now we're going to get our spaghetti squash strings out of here do you want to do is you want to take your fork dig it in there and give it a twist boom look at that look at those nice spaghetti strings that are coming out of there you know it doesn't have the consistency of a noodle or pasta you but it certainly looks like pasta and since we didn't overcook it it's not gonna fall apart in the skillet make sure we get every little bit out of here so just poke your fork in there give it a twist and it'll come right out and that's why we could like to cut it in half like this right through the center because we get longer strings out

and if you're wondering why I'm picking this up and doing this it's just cuz it feels good it just feels nice to do that once you get those big strings out you know you still got plenty of spaghetti in here so you can just scrape it out like this here because you don't want to waste any once I've done a whole heap of scraping with my fork I'll get a big spoon because I don't want to waste any of this ingredients it's not stringing that's okay it's still edible and look how much this is and this is just half of that spaghetti squash and it wasn't even that big of a spaghetti squash now we'll push this aside and again you don't have to use your hands but like I said it just feels good so you might want to do the same thing to this half poke it in there twist it around and get out those nice long spaghetti squash strings there's so much I can almost make a suit and wear this and I would look so good in it in fact this is so much spaghetti squash I'm not even gonna use all of this I'm gonna go ahead and save some of this and use it for a different recipe in fact I will have links to other recipes that you can use spaghetti squash with and I'll go ahead and move this over here and we'll use a good amount of this but for this pad thai version of spaghetti squash we're gonna heat a skillet on medium heat I'm gonna put just a splash of sesame oil in there and a little bit of whatever kind of oil you like but a little bit of sesame oil is gonna add a great flavor –House sitting is pet-sitting hey over here I'm the star of the show

that cat's trying to horn in on my action my favorite thing about cats is that they taste so good my oil is all heated up there I'm gonna go ahead and throw my green onion bottoms in here and I just separated the tops from the bottoms I'll save this to stir in at the last minute and we'll go ahead and throw in our garlic use as much garlic as you likeyou don't have to use this much throw a little bit of salt in here I got a little bit of chili pepper you could put in some fresh peppers if you want for heat but I'm just using a little bit of chili pepper chop up a little bit of red pepper because otherwise the dish will not be very pretty gonna need a little bit of color anything that you could think of that's colorful a little splash of red it'll be nice throw a little bit of rice vinegar in here just a little bit of zing kind of an improvised pad thaiif you want to put a little fish sauce in there you could I'm gonna put a little bit of soy sauce well this is actually some tamari which is kind of a super-duper soy sauce on steroids and then a little bit of peanut butter it's gonna make our dish nice and peanut buttery and it doesn't have to be a lot I'll add some crunchy peanuts to the top of the dish at the end well we got a nice little bit of flavor in here throw a little bit of water in here just to thin it up a little bit I'm gonna add in my spaghetti squash and I'm not gonna use all this it's just a crazy amount so I'll put a little bit more than half of my spaghetti squash in here and then I'll save the rest of this for another recipe because I don't want to put so much spaghetti squash in here that it's it'll dominate the dish too much so just stir it around and get it well incorporated with this sauce and these other ingredients and we're almost at the end of the dish because the squash is already cooked up we're just trying to get all these flavors together and it's hard to believe that this is a squash look at that look how noodley that looks and it's because we didn't overcook it if you baked your squash for too long it'll turn to mush or cook it so don't do that now if you wanted to you can put in some bean sprouts you could put in some cooked tofu anything you like one thing I do like in a pad thai is a little bit of egg so this is just a couple eggs that I've got whisked up

I'll scramble these up in here you can just make a little nice well in the middle of your dish and pour your scrambled egg in there give it a few moments to cook up but you want to make sure and scramble it up a little bit before you mix it in with the rest of your ingredients otherwise you're not gonna have those nice chunky chunks of egg I'm gonna throw my green onion tops in here and then that's it we're ready to get it off the stove in fact I'm gonna go ahead and turn the heat off put it over here on a cold burner because I don't want to overcook the dish I don't want these noodles get too soft I don't want it to become mushy so there you have it a little spaghetti squash pad thai I could have put more peanut butter in here and made it a little more peanutty I'm gonna add some chopped peanuts to the top but you can adjust the peanuts and the amount of peanut butter you put in here to make it as peanutty as you like we'll go ahead and divide our Pad Thai up you hungry camera girl? smells delicious! I'm gonna go ahead and throw some freshly chopped cilantro on here and this is optional a little fresh chopped peanuts adds a nice crunch spaghetti squash pad thai ifyou wanted to you could fry up some tofu and add on there could put some bean sprouts on there and make it more Pad Thai-ee see how noodley that is if you want to print this pad thai recipe go to MyFoodChannel dot com and print the recipe out like it and thumbs it up and share it

I really appreciate that and I appreciate your watching and we'll see in the future buh bye!


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