BEST GLUTEN-FREE DESSERT BALLS | paleo + no refined sugar

*music* Hi I'm Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo and today we're making my Amaze Balls recipe This is super easy

I decided to make this recipe because there is a similar type of treat that you can buy in the store I was buying these from the store in these little packets and I thought, "You know what? This is ridiculous I can figure out how to make these at home and they're probably gonna be way cheaper" We start off with dry ingredients in a bowl and that is blanched almond flour, but the almond flour is really fine and it's a nice light color and texture So you want to look for blanched almond flour that's had the skins removed

To that we add some unsweetened shredded coconut and a pinch of sea salt We mix that up with our hands And then to that I add the wet ingredients For this recipe I used some raw local honey but you could use maple syrup or any other liquid sweetener that you like Then I added some coconut oil – that really is the binder that helps all of this stick together – and then a little bit of vanilla extract and that forms the base of the recipe

The really cool part is that you get to customize it with whatever flavors you like Today we add in mini chocolate chips to make a chocolate chip sea salt version of these Amaze Balls In the past I've also used matcha green tea powder It's fun to take the dried strawberries that you get – the freeze-dried strawberries – at the grocery store, blend them down in a food processor and add that Super cool

they taste like a strawberry explosion So you can really customize these with whatever flavors you likespices, add-insand they're super easy

You just mix everything together, scoop it out, roll them out in balls, and you've got a perfect simple treat For the full recipe and tons more just like it, head over to my website StupidEasyPaleocom


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