Aloo Dumplings Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

Potato dumplings is a easy and different recipe We will make these potato dumplings using all the things easily available at home These are all the ingredients required to make potato dumplings To make these potato dumplings firstly add a little luke warm water in a mixing bowl Add quarter spoon of salt Add and mix 1 spoon of dry yeast to it Add 1 cup all purpose flour to it Knead the flour using warm water Cover and put away for 1 hour in a microwave without turning it on Now we will prepare stuffing for dumplings For which add 3 grated boiled potatoes Add 1 chopped tomato One chopped onion One chopped green chili One chopped capsicum Half spoon of garam masala Half spoon of red chili powder And add about 3/4th spoon of salt and mix well Put this away for now It's been an hour since we knead the flour Knead and let all the air escape Cut small pieces of the kneaded flour Apply dry flour and roll them flat Add about 2 spoons of stuffing to it Press and stick edges together to seal the stuffing inside These potato dumplings are ready to cook To cook these potato dumplings add 2 spoons of refined oil in a hot pan Spead oil all over in a pan And place potato dumplings this way Take 1 spoon all purpose flour in a mixing bowl Add one cup water to it Add this to the pan Cover and cook these potato dumplings for 15 minutes at medium-sim gas We checked after 10 minutes but dumplings are not properly cooked yet After cooking for 15 minutes, when all the water has dried out, these potato dumplings are ready These are well crisp from the bottom We will take them out on a plate Serve these tasty potato dumplings with tomato ketchup or hot sauce This is a easy and unique recipe, so you should try it too If you liked my video, please press the like button below Do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon so you don't miss any of my new videos Thank you


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