hey guys I wanted to talk about the power of how I lost weight and was able to get my hair which was to my ear lobe at the time of starting my juice cleanse my juice journey and even after I stopped juicing and started incorporating solid foods I still had a 32 orange juice before any of my solid meals and how I managed to lose 72 pounds the 11th of this month which is of August 2018 it'll be a total of eight months by the time the 11th comes I can tell you right now cuz I'm doing weekly weigh-ins I'll probably wait I mean less than 72 pounds loss it could be about seven between 74 and 75 I really don't weigh myself every single day I do it once a week which is on a Monday now and I document my progress I had very little weight to lose so I'm not really stressed or feeling as though I need to keep that much track on it because I'm I'm in the teens now you know so it's not a lot of weight to be loose for me to stress anything but what I promised myself and I stuck to it and I'm surprised because usually when we start to realize that we need to lose weight we tend to stick to something for a little while and then we fall off our game but this time I didn't I did a juice cleanse for 104 days and within that hundred and four days I had lost 58 pounds in total 37 of those pounds I had lost was the first month of doing my cleanse and I lost the remaining of that weight towards the end of the hundred four day juice cleanse and I finished at 50 58 pounds lost and I had you know still 88 piles of moves but I had lost 58 pounds a bit putting me at 30 pounds you know even that I had to lose and not only did I lose fifty eight pounds and not only as of today as I make this video 72 pounds down with about 16 pounds left to lose I grew my hair to shoulder length my hair is on my back and my shoulders and I did this all in eight months and you might say well how is that possible not only was I losing weight but I was detox and cleansing and healing the body and I was doing juices that were nutrient-dense so these kind of juices the way you prepare them also put aside that you must strain these juices because remember were given our digestive system abrade these juices go directly into the bloodstream like say I will give you an example a lot of us drink are used to drink once you drink a shot of something say hard liquor for example that goes directly in the bloodstream that's how you're able to feel the effects of it within seconds that's the same process it takes when you're using raw fruits and vegetables and particularly fruits they're very electrifying once it goes into the bloodstream your body gets it a hundred percent absorption and this is how the cilia and all these different minerals and vitamins that are in say these fruit juices or food blends with the vegetables and a fruit they get into the blood and that's how you start to see the rapid hair growth and also one other good thing that is also to me like magic is it suppresses your appetite and the way that is suppresses your appetite is when you get real raw nutrient-dense food your body's not going to give off the signal of being hungry your brain yes it's not full as far as your tummy being full but your brains gonna give off a signal that you're not hungry because you've gotten all the nutrients from that juice and this is why even though I'm not currently on a full juice cleanse I have made a promise to myself that I will have a 32 ounce juice every morning before any meal so that I can know that whether that meal that I cooked or whatever may not have had that many nutrients in it I'm not going to be hungry because I'm getting all of the minerals for the day that I need and that 32 ounce juice and you know just really happy of how everything turns out I mean doing this juice cleanse not only am i happy about losing the weight but it cleared up a little bit blemishes I had on my face I didn't get too many detoxification you know bumps or anything like that coming out on my face I had a lot in my bump area because I have genetically a big butt it fits me but it's you know when I lost weight I didn't lose my butt but I got a lot of abnormal humongous look I look like a leopard a leopard because I have spots from when the toxins were coming up my body they came out through the skin in the butt area and I'm using the black soap for that and it's basically taking it almost all say about 75% of those marks our arm basically gone where before using a black soap I didn't think that it was going to ever leave my body it looks kind of weird because I don't have a body that's all start up some people have acne on their back then in lord knows or other places but I don't have those issues I have relatively nice skin but when you detox and you never know what a detox journey can um you know entail or how where it can take you so I don't want to make this video too long but I just want to share with would excuse me she had this with you I would like for you to give this video a like also to share the video and make it a favor and I will see you in the next video bye for now


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