Smart Juice Recipes – The Ultimate Juice Collection

We sell amazing juicers! But you need amazing recipes We wanted to go further than typical juice recipes so we created this amazing online tool! Hear me out We came up with 32 perfect recipes which are delicious and in correct proportions but are categorised by effects Let me explain

Go to wwwfridjacom – click on JUICE RECIPES and you'll find all of our juices Using the first filter you can switch between different types of juice, including brain boosters, detoxifiers, digestion soothers, energy boosters, mood enhancers But then we wanted to go even further, we researched in to each ingredient and found direct health benefits from every single ingredient as backed up by scientific research

So for example, if you wanted a juice to help insomnia click on this juice and you will find that the hormone melatonin is found in cherries This is shown to be helpful when trying to get to sleep We have done this for loads of different conditions, so please have a browse Head over to the juice section on Fridjacom by clicking the link below and make yourself a juice right now! If you like this please click the like button and maybe subscribe? Thank you so much for watching – Ciao for now!


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