Pan francés casero – Receta auténtica

Hello Friend how are you? I'm Esbieta Bread French that I bring you today for me has been a great revelation

Its very small size and its beautiful shape, its crust so crunchy and its crumb so fluffy make it a real treat This bread, friends, eat like pipes delicious that is And I've known him thank you to you Thanks to you have spoken to me of him, asking him to do it And for them I am very grateful

The recipe is from Panera magazine, where they say which is a Peruvian bread although it is recognized the French influence It is considered the bread of greater consumption at breakfast And it does not surprise me because it's ideal for breakfasts and even for snacks East bread, friends, is a clear example that the shape and size influence taste Everyone who makes bread at home in should Try this marvel, as an experiment

To prepare the French bread you will need the next ingredients: 350 g of all-purpose wheat flour or flour of wheat with 105 – 115% proteins 8 g of salt 8 g of butter 4 g fresh yeast or 14 g dry 210 g of water 105 g of fermented dough Old mass 65 g of all-purpose wheat flour or flour of wheat with 105 – 11

5% proteins 40 g of water 1 g of salt 15 g of fresh yeast or 05 g of dry If you do not know what old mass is, do not worry because it becomes very easy and in less than 1 minute Put the yeast in a container Add the water and stir

The water is about 25-30ºC You can use the yeast, both fresh and the dry, the amounts are in the ingredients Add the flour Add the salt Remove very well

Close the container and let it stand until that goes up a little, about 30 min Deflate the dough and store it in the fridge from 8 to 24 hours I do it at night to use it the next day Remove the old dough from the refrigerator In a container put the yeast

Add the water of about 25 – 30ºC Stir until the yeast is diluted Sift the flour Add the salt Remove a little

Add the old mass Finish making the ball with your hand Add the butter and integrate it into the dough Close the container and leave the dough at rest about 20 minutes, so they get properly moistened the flour particles Pour the dough on the table clean and dry and massage it until it becomes smooth, elastic and stop sticking to your hands

You can knead the dough in the mixer, they would be 10 minutes in 2 speed I've been slow to knead the dough for about 10 minutes It is a very pleasant mass to the touch, very manageable and it's not sticky at all A joy of mass Put the dough in the container and let it rise doubling its size

At 27ºC my mass took 45 minutes to rise At a lower temperature it will take longer to rise and vice versa Roll the dough on the table and knead it minute We are sorry Divide the dough into portions Usually the portions are 40 g but I made them 55 g each

Make balls Grab a cloth or a piece of cloth and sprinkle it with flour Form the loaves starting with the first ball what did you do Put them on the cloth mouth low Let them rise almost doubling their size

When 20 minutes are left to finish the levado turn on the oven at 250ºC with heat from above and below At the bottom of the oven put a tray for pour the water and create the steam At 28ºC my rolls have been slow to rise 35 minutes At a lower temperature it will take more in uploading and vice versa On a tray lined with baking paper place the muffins face up

Put them in the oven In the bottom tray, pour half a glass of boiling water Bake rolls 18 – 20 minutes or until that remain as you like Remove the rolls from the oven Place them on a rack to cool them down

I do not know what they usually eat in Peru, I would love that our Peruvian friends they will tell us, but I have eaten them so much with salty things as with sweets and superbly Tell me in the comments what you think the recipe And, if you liked it, share it in social networks with your friends And subscribe to my channel, it's totally free So you will be aware of all the recipe What's up? And do not forget to give the bell, for YouTube tell you when upload a video new

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