How to Make Greek Hot Dog Sauce ~ Hot Dog Topper Recipe

This is a recipe from my childhood It is a recipe for a Greek hot dog sauce

I'm Tess and I'm going to show you how to make this easy and fantastic hot dog sauce! Stay tuned In my hometown we had a little Greek restaurant and their specialty was hot dogs with this fantastic hot dog sauce! This is the recipe that my mom clipped out of the local newspaper back in the nineteen seventies and it was stated to be the authentic recipe from the restaurant My family has been making this amazing hot dog sauce ever since This Greek hot dog sauce is so good and so easy And you're going to be able to find this recipe, the list of ingredients, and a lot more in the show more section below

I don't have my heat on yet In a cold pan I'm adding some 85/15 ground beef and water Jjust stirring and breaking the beef apart You will see the beef separate easily This is going to give the beef a fine granular texture that we're looking for

Now I'm turning on my heat to a medium and bringing up to a simmer If you like the fine texture, you can also use this technique for making spaghetti sauce or chili Next goes in one small finely diced sweet onion and a little salt and black pepper I'm adding some tomato paste and ketchup And for the spices I have a little paprika and a good amount of chili powder

Giving everything a good stir and simmering for about 20 to 30 minutes or until the liquid reduces and the sauce thickens Remember to give it a taste test for any additional salt or black pepper This Greek hot dog sauce can be divided into portions and frozen or it can be canned Tthe smell and taste just takes me back in time At the restaurant they would put the mustard on first, then the hot dog sauce and then finally some minced sweet onions on top

But you can certainly make them and stack them any way you like because they won't last long! These days we don't eat hotdogs very often but when we do it is with this fantastic Greek hot dog sauce I hope you give it a try

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