Healthy & Easy Greek Salad Recipe |Feta, Tomato, Spinach, Kalamata Olives & Honey Balsamic Dressing

hi everybody welcome to the carriage house I just got back from doing some grocery shopping for tonight's dinner and I'm actually in my kitchen getting ready to start the salad that I'm gonna be making for tonight and it is a fresh and sunny Green Goddess salad with creamy feta cheese cucumbers and kalamata olives along with a sweet balsamic and honey vinaigrette all right so I'm gonna go ahead and get started and I'll show you guys how I make it so the first thing I need is lettuce which I'm out in my garden right now and I'm using a blend of romaine and the red leaf lettuce along with some new zealand spinach that I planted in the spring just to give it a little extra boost of texture and nutrients and then you're gonna wash your lettuce and dry really well or else the dressing will come right off then you're gonna chop your lettuce and place it into a bowl and now I'm going to add red onion to the salad and now I got this for my garden as well now ours are pretty sweet this year but other years I sometimes have to let them sit in cold water and vinegar for about five to ten minutes and that can take the extra bitter bite that you may not necessarily want and then I just add them right into the salad you can go a little bit thinner if you want but these red onions are so good this year so I don't mind and so now you're gonna add your chopped tomato and I'm using store-bought because our tomato plants aren't varying fruit yet so this will do for now if you haven't grown your own Tomatoes then you definitely should because oh my gosh they are so good and there is absolutely no comparison and then I like to add a little bit of sea salt and black pepper to my tomatoes before adding them to the salad and now we're ready to add freshly peeled cucumber I'm using a regular so-to-speak cucumber so that's why I'm taking the peel off another option is to use an English or seedless cucumber which has a slightly sweet and very thin peel therefore you don't need to take the peel off now if you're planning to let your salad sit for a while and you're using a regular cucumber then I would recommend taking the seeds out and this will remove excess water so your salad doesn't get soggy as it sits now if you're serving it right away then it doesn't really matter and now you're going to add your salty and gorgeous kalamata olives along with your feta cheese so I'm actually slicing the feta into rectangular chunks when I was in Athens Greece several years back I never once saw crumbled feta so I'm just slicing it and just kind of sticking to what I know in a traditional sense but you can certainly do it and slice it however you like and now on to the super easy and delicious honey and balsamic vinaigrette you'll need about 1/4 of a cup of good balsamic vinegar about two tablespoons of honey a pinch of salt and black pepper and mix really really well and then you're gonna add about 1/4 of a cup tap out 1/2 a cup of extra-virgin olive oil fresh lemon juice would be good in this as well and then drizzle over your salad before you're about to serve and toss a bit and you've got your Greek salads made a salad for tonight's dinner is all done and it turned out beautifully thank you so much for watching I am pairing tonight's salad with some grilled shrimp and kabob vegetable kabobs so but it can go pretty much with anything thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next videos bye


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