Colon Cleanse: Removing Mucoid Plaque May Save Your Life! (Part 2)

Shalom, everyone! Gi Yah here and this is part two of the colon cleanse message and if you haven't seen part one click right here And you should probably do that right now before you see this video

So as I mentioned in part 1, i'll be showing how I got rid of my mucoid plaque by doing this detox and I won't show that until towards the end of the video Before i get into that want to discuss some other things and if you haven't seen my first video on mucoid plaque and colon cleanse, basically mucoid plaque is like this rubbery blackish, greenish slime that has been kind of attached it's attached itself to our large intestine or colon and it's it's not good because because of this mucoid plaque it's blocking the walls in our colon Almost everybody has me has plaque nowadays because we just live in such a toxic environment Right now I'll just be expounding a little bit on health and healing and how that relates to the colon Let's talk about sickness and disease for a second here

What's the the purpose or what's the surgeon's role in a nut shell, I know this is kind of oversimplifying things, but a surgeon's job is to cut out the disease or the infected area However, every organ in our body has its own function and even if doctors don't know the full function of each and every organ it probably shouldn't be removed Many people have had their tonsils removed and according to Walker, Walker is the author of this book and I i discuss a little bit more about this in and part 1, but he states that many people who have had their tonsils removed have experienced some adverse side effects such as chronic fatigue dizziness weakness and excessive loss of blood during menstruation The colon is extremely essential and infected pieces of the colon shouldn't be removed if a person's unable to eliminate properly or someone has colon cancer or some other kind of disease in the colon they may be advised to get a colostomy So what's a colostomy? It's a surgical procedure where a piece of the colon is attached to an opening on the surface of the abdomen and by providing a new pathway where gas and waste can escape

I'm going to quote part of a colostomy manual that's included in Walker's book right here I'm going to quote directly from that really quickly From this colostomy manual, it states, "You will be coping with appliances from now on the dismay over needing to carry this bag for the rest of your life is something every colostomate must overcome Discharge of the feces flows day and night, since there is no place except the bag for it to go into There are no voluntary muscles involved so you cannot control it

Disposable bags means you can use a new one every day but some go a day and a half and even longer between changes Without the colon, dehydration and great loss of sodium is likely Call your doctor and case diarrhea bothers you Twin concerns are odors and gas Occasional odor is normal

" So that's part of the manual Basically, do any of you want your colon removed and do you want to carry around this bag full of your smelly waste everywhere you go? I'm sure nobody wants to go through all of that and no one has to because colostomies aren't necessary, according to the research I've been studying So the person with you know this problematic colon or with colon cancer ,things like that, can go through a series of enemas or colonics and change their diets the way they eat and in order to get clean and to save their lives This can be the case for other sicknesses and diseases as well Again we shouldn't get any of our organs removed surgically or anything like that

And just because we don't understand the function of an organ, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have a function And Yah created us the way we are supposed to be made Before we get to the point of no return where the only thing we can do in order to stay alive, at least according to the doctors, is to remove a breast or remove the tonsils or remove the part of the colon, we should definitely clean out our colon and make sure it stays clean and healthy and that we're exercising and doing all of those good things and meditating on God's Word staying right spiritually Cleaning out our colon and other toxins in our bodies that's causing mucus, sicknesses, and diseases and pain is a lifelong thing that we have to do since we live in such a toxic environment And according to Morse, and i showed you guys this book in the first video, so according to the author of this book on, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, and according to him, he states, "Every individual is ingesting over 120 pounds of chemicals each year including over 10 different pesticides each day

" So toxins are found in the air and our food, water, our makeup, plastic, sunscreen, soap, mouthwash and the list goes on In addition to all of these toxins, we have these genetically engineered foods and you know they're known as GMOs It's in our fruits and vegetables and there are other types of foods that have altered DNA such as soy products Soy products are found in almost anything from from salad dressing to vegan burger patties I have a link below if you want to check out a list of where soy products are found Also pesticides are sometimes genetically placed in the seeds of our foods and the residues eventually dissolve into our foods and our bodies and things like that

Anytime we manipulate the DNA of Yah's creation, I can't imagine it being too good Colon impaction can effect all parts of the body So not only can one part of the body impact another part of the body, there's also a strong connection between the body and the mind and i quote from Walker, "Impurities within the body have a definite effect on the mind and character A putrid body reflects its condition in the level upon which the mind functions Gross speech behavior and vulgarity are incompatible with a body that is clean within and without

So basically he's just saying that having this toxic mindset, i guess you can say, or just vulgar behavior, in his opinion, that's reflective of what's going on in our bodies That's a reflection of our toxic temples It's difficult to feel good and to have an abundant amount of energy when we have toxins and decay in the colon And I have another quick quote from Walker It says, "It is almost impossible to maintain a clear mind and proper mental and spiritual equilibrium when we allow the colon to go and unattended for too long a time

" So if our mind is all cloudy and we're in a bad mood, or we're pain, how does this reflect our relationship with Yahuah? If our mind is all cloudy, if we're in pain, if we're in a bad mood, how does this impact our relationship with the Most High? How does this effect how we study and how we meditate on the Word and our interpretations of the Word we're not at our maximum spiritual potential when our body is suffering? And I think that should make sense to most people We have to remember that most doctors are trained to treat the symptom but not necessarily to heal the body So pharmaceutical drug companies profit greatly when people are prescribed medication or if someone's bedridden at the hospital receiving treatment They receive a lot of money each year and so, if you think about it, they profit more on people being sick than on people being healthy It's imperative that we're proactive when it comes to our health

We should seek Yah for guidance and research natural cures because most medication out here is filled with toxic chemicals and you take these pills that are supposed to treat our symptoms but we're just making ourselves more toxic and more sick and again, like I stated before, Yahuah has created herbs out there in the in nature that can cure all diseases and we also have to make sure that we're keeping our colon clean So now I'll be showing you all how I removed mucoid plaque and how I detox Now i'll be showing you what i used to detoxify and get rid of some of the mucoid plaque that was in my system I'll be going from right to left So the first thing I used was psyllium husk and that's just basically an organic fiber

This helps you to have a bowel movement Also I used activated charcoal, which is in the green bottle next I use half a lemon and that kind of helps to break up the mucus And in that big bottle is Sonne's, a bentonite clay and you can drink it in liquid form Both the activated charcoal and the bentonite clay draw out the toxins from the body and in the little bowl in front, i have chia seeds and when it's mixed with liquid it becomes gelatinous and I hear that we use chia seeds or or flax seeds in order to make elimination smoother And I also use some clean water

And that's it You just start off with the psyllium husk and I i use two tablespoons of this, more or less, and if you notice, I'm using a glass jar And this is because I'll be using bentonite clay and the charcoals that draw out the toxins from the cells in my body and if I used a metal type of cup or something, it would try to extract the metal from that cup And I probably shouldn't be using a plastic spoon either because it's probably drawing out the toxins from the plastic as well So just be aware of that

As you can see, I am opening the two capsules of the activated charcoal We already have the psyllium husk in there I wouldn't start mixing until the end because then you're going to have a clumpy mixture Also your hands are going to get black from the charcoal, so you're going to have to wash your hands before continuing Now i'll be using Sonne's bentonite clay

Also please note, you don't have to use the brands that i'm using and to be honest they're kind of expensive, so if you can find some cheaper brands than what i'm using, then please do so As you can see i'm shaking up the bentonite clay You want to make sure you shake it up Whether you're doing a fast to get rid of the mucoid plaque or this detox, or colonics or enemas, just make sure you're eating healthy as well You know if you're doing this detox, you don't want to be eating like a cheeseburger while doing this That's really going to slow the process down of trying to get the toxins out of your body

Your body is going to work extra hard to get the toxins out So instead of adding more toxins, I during this detox, I ate mainly salads and I had a lot of green smoothies and fruit as well Also, make sure you're drinking a lot of water because you want to help your body to eliminate the toxins right Also I plan to do this detox once every season, so I'll be doing at once in the Summer, once in the Fall, once in the Winter, and once in the Spring We have so many toxins that we need to get rid of, so much mucoid plaque, that just doing this once won't get rid of it all

And then also we're ingesting toxins every day Another thing I want to add is please don't use laxatives to try and have bowel movements, those aren't good for you I have heard of people not being able to have a bowel movement or eliminate unless they take laxatives, so stay away from laxatives and they're also toxic as well So once you've added all the ingredients, you're just going to want to mix it well and shake it up So just a quick summary, the average colon is five to six feet long when stretched out, so it's very long

It's not just this little piece of your body It has compiled a lot of mucoid plaque over the years and through fasting like doing a long-term fasting and this detox that I did and also colonics and enemas, these things can help remove mucoid plaque And if you feel like you need to go longer than two weeks or you don't want to go as long as two weeks doing this detox that I did, you may go as long as you want and just listen to your body Please write your comments below Thank you for watching

All esteem to Yah Shalom!


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