Carrot Fufu | Low Carb, Gluten-free, Keto-friendly??? Fufu

So I decided to add carrot fufu to my list of low carb fufu recipes Hehehe I know you guys will say Flo don carry come again

Make una free me o, I couldn't resist that opportunity to add a bright colour to the low carb fufu series We have white, cream, brown, almost black and now orange Hihihi If you have any other vegetable you would want me to fufulize, please let me know in the comments I'm up for it Make sure you watch till the end to see me sample this carrot fufu

I'll be using baby carrots for better malleability Please note that if you are on a keto diet, carrots are not keto-friendly You can only eat carrots while on maintenance that is after you have achieved your desired weight I have more important stuff to say on this so keep watching with rapt attention! I cut off the shoots and trimmed off some dark spots No need to scrape them but if yours are very muddy, scrape them

I grate them first because that way my blender can do a better job of blending them Then blend with as little water as possible Pour into a sieve lined with a chiffon cloth This is supposed to be carrot juice but you can see that it has oxidized so fast with all that manipulation I am not drinking that abeg! Press out all the juice

Add the pulp to a pot and start stirring on low heat Because I am using only carrot pulp for this carrot fufu, I am thinking, thinking ooo! that since most of the sweetness is gone with the juice, the carbs hence sugar has reduced considerably hence the carrot fufu can safely be enjoyed by even those on a strict low carb diet Keto experts, expert dieticians and nutritionists in the house please what do you think about this my assumption? Since we have removed all this juice from the carrots where does that leave us in terms of the carbs and sugars remaining in the carrot pulp? I found online that carrot pulp contains 1g of carbs per 100g of carrot pulp but I don't know if I should trust that one source When it heats up, continue to stir for another 5 minutes I noticed that it is quite dry so I added some of the juice

As always, this carrot is not mouldable on its own so I will be using psyllium husk to bind it Add half a teaspoon of that Continue mixing for 2 more minutes or till it forms a moldable dough Add some more juice Cover and steam for half a minute

Mix again and it is done! This carrot fufu started out as a test but it turned out pretty nice and beautiful I expected it to be sweet but not at all because all the sweetness went with the water The only thing that feels weird about it is the colour because there's no classic fufu meal that is orange in colour Yummy hahaha Carrot fufu OH! I actually think that Xanthan Gum would be a better binder fro this It doesn't feel very supple

Yea, it's moldable quite alright but it can be better So use xanthan gum instead of psyllium husk Yummy! And it doesn't taste like carrots eh! You know because all the sweet taste of carrots has been thrown away, it's in the water I thought I could use the water to make carrot juice but that thing oxidized so fast That's why you cant really make carrot juice without a juicer

It requires as little manipulation as possible Maybe I should have added lemon juice but then it wouldn't be pure carrot juice anymore When I want to make carrot juice I just want to make pure, unadulterated carrot juice Heaven! Bah byee see youu soon!


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