Barilla Pasta World Championship 2017 | Recipes for Simplicity by Giorgio Spanakis | Greece

I am Chef Giorgio Spanakis, I am a Greek-Italian and in the last 12 years I live in Greece Just 12 years ago I sought to come to Greece to bring Italian gastronomy, Italian culture, and the Italian temperament I have

The passion for the kitchen began from an early age due to my dad's restaurant in Rome and from there I began to cultivate the passion for the search for the materials but also the passion for cooking in general My philosophy in cooking is based on simplicity, product search and the combination of raw material That's why in my recipes I only use seasonal products always trying to offer a balanced dish with textures and colors When I cook for myself or for my family I also look for simplicity, like say a Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino We finished, eh?


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Budget Cooking

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Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

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