Vegetarian Thai Curry Recipe (Vegan Thai Green Curry)

Hello Everone, welcome to Happy Bellyfish Channel, I'm Srikant and today we are going to make Thai Curry Thai Curry comes in 3 colors: red, green and yellow like traffic lights! So today we're going to make the green one and that will be with the vegetables and you can even put your fingers if you like, might taste better and let me know what comes out of it Now we'll make the Thai curry with the most common thai gradient galangal – so we'll take about a thumb-sized galangal, a handful of kaffir lime leaves 1 green chilli, but you can add more if you like it to be more hot and some lemongrass, about three to four sticks of them now for the gravy you'll need 2 medium sized onions, 1 clove of garlic a bunch of coriande,r fresh green coriander and the veggies that will go in it will be red capsicum, a carrot and some mushrooms a Thai curry can't be without coconut milk some spices this is fresh ground coriander and ground cumin now we'll start with peeling off the outer skin of the lemongrass, this is usually very dry and dirty, so we'll take it off, wash them and chop them into fine pieces We'll take galangal, about a thumb-sized peel it and then again chop them into small pieces now the fresh coriander, that's about a handful, you can chop them into smaller pieces again chop the green chilli into small pieces and the onion this Thai Curry Paste that we'll make today will be as easy as opening the jar that you'll buy from supermarket: put all ingredients in a blender, blend it and that's it! It's ready! now we'll chop the garlic, just one clove of it and add all the ingredients to a blender the final ingredient the lime kaffir leaves this gives the unique lemony flavor to it now the spices that's 2 TSP of coriander powder and 1 TSP of cumin powder and that's it! You might add some water and blend it into a nice smooth paste and this is your Thai curry paste that you can even store it in a refrigerator for sometime the vegetables that will go into it are carrots so we chop them into any shape that we like, you can have them into round or cubes, or even long and then we chop the mushrooms you can even add some shiitake mushrooms if you like, for the chewy texture now I'm adding the red capsicum you can even add any other capsicum that you like It kind of gives a contrast to the color of it I'm using coconut oil you can use any other vegetable oil that you have and once the coconut oil is starting to melt it's time for us to add the vegetables and saute them for some time make sure you don't burn them stir it for about five minutes and then add the Thai green curry paste that you have just made and mix it nicely and make sure that it's evenly spread and let it cook for about another five minutes and this will take away the rawness of spice A lot of effort goes from us into making this video so that we can make cooking easier for you we can also bring traditional cooking methods that might have been lost or that's kind of giving in to the way restaurants cook your food if you like our effort please Like us and Subscribe! and then we add coconut milk that will give it a gravy kind of consistency and the coconut flavor that we all like so much about Thai curries Now, a lot of Thais may not agree with my recipe But it is the easiest I could come up with without having to buy a jar So, if you don't see me for a couple of days on YouTube, someone might have kidnapped me It's a warning sign

for me with some gentle love and care make sure you stir them, you can check from time to time that it's not burning now in about 5 to 7 minutes your Thai curry is ready to be served you can make the gravy thinner and eat it just like a soup, or keep it thick and serve it with rice or bread or anything that you like You can add any type of vegetables that you want You can add broccoli, you can add potatoes, you can add meat if you want to – even your finger I hope you enjoyed this video! now, head over the hyper benefited come and check out some amazing online programs and cooking classes that we are offering together with food experts from all around the world Eat healthy, keep your belly and taste buds happy!


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