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(Latin music) – Hey, my Munchies, welcome if you're new I'm Alyssia, and if you are not new, you may be one of the many who are stoked for a vegan video We didn't have much vegan content last month, so we are spreading the love this month and bringing some of that back

Today, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but really we're just using Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to make delicious, vegan Mexican food My favorite fiesta revolves around tacos, so let's build a vegan taco together, from scratch First, you need that tortilla How about using only one ingredient? Say what, plus water and salt I add masa harina, which is a corn flour traditionally used for tortillas, with water and salt

Mix until a dough forms, adjusting water, if needed Shape into balls; I like to use a cookie scoop to keep it simple and end up with cute, smaller tortillas, but you can make yours any size you prefer Cover with a moist towel to prevent drying Now, we press; if you have a tortilla press, great, but if not, you can try my hack I took two plastic bags and cut them in half, so I just have a piece of plastic, I taped one to the surface I'm working on, and one to a flat-bottom pot or any flat surface would work

I add a dough ball to the plastic, press, and voila, a pressed tortilla, easy peasy Of course, a rolling pin would work just fine here, as well Whichever way you choose to get them from ball to a flat disc, is fine Carefully transfer to a plate and finish up pressing the rest Keep your tortillas moist under that towel so they don't dry out

To cook, toss them on to an ungreased pan and bake for a quick 30 seconds, flip for one minute, and then flip once more, for 30 more seconds They should be soft and pliable when done, but they will soften up even more as they cool, so let them chill for a bit These are amazing, seriously so much better than store-bought tortillas, and I love that I know the simple ingredients Wowza, if you enjoyed that recipe and want more, how about a thumbs up and subscribe Maybe even hit the bell, eh, eh? Next up, we need our meat, I mean, jackfruit

I'm using canned jackfruit because it is so much easier and I got it from Trader Joe's, not sponsored I prefer to drain and rinse it, so it doesn't have the brine taste, and then just shred it apart It doesn't have to look perfect I also thinly slice an onion, and FYI I am hosting an onion goggles giveaway Three of my newsletter subscribers will each win a pair, so if you are on my email list, you are entered

If you're not subscribed yet, use the link in the description I do a new giveaway every single month and you are entered every single month if you are on that list of subscribers I add oil and the onion to a pan, and let it go for a good few minutes We want it really caramelized and delicious Then, I can add in the jackfruit along with taco seasoning

I'm using a packaged mix, but you could of course make your own Cook for eight to ten minutes, until cooked through and soft but beginning to crisp on the edges That couldn't have been easier It looks like meat and actually can totally fool the taste buds, too The taco seasoning is savory and delicious, and it's going to be a perfect meat substitute in our vegan tacos

If you want more jackfruit recipes and info, I have a whole video on jackfruit that you should watch Anyone remember that intro? (upbeat music) It wouldn't be Mexican, at least for me, without cheese I am not a fan of fake vegan cheese I have had a lot of request for a cheese that is not nut-based, so how about cauliflower queso? To a food processor or blender, I add steamed cauliflower florets, nutritional yeast, tahini paste, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, curry powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt Let it rip

Add a bit of water to get the queso to your preferred texture and thickness In queso you are wondering, this is freaking delicious It actually tastes so cheesy from that nutritional yeast and those spices not only add great flavor, but they fool the mind by transforming it into this vibrant yellow color Okay, we are almost there Last I am sharing a sour cream with no cream at all

I start with cashews, which I've soaked overnight I drain them and add them to a food processor with water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and salt Blend it on up I let this go for four to five minutes, scraping down the sides because I want it silky smooth and creamy Of course, season it to your preference, as well

To be honest, when we filmed, this may have been our team's favorite recipe It's creamy and tangy without any dairy I love it Then we can assemble our taco with everything we prepared and more, use your favorite toppings Taco-bout a fiesta

(upbeat music) Seriously, there was nothing left of this taco bar We ate everything because it was that freaking delicious and none of us are even vegan I hope you all enjoyed this and that you can try out your own vegan fiesta or take one of these recipes and add it to your own mix Let me know which one you're most excited about in the comments below I'll be back next week with a brand new episode, and don't worry, we have more content coming for all lifestyles, all month long

I love you all, and remember especially when there's a taco bar, it's all a matter of Mind over Munch (maracas rattling)


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