Tia Mowry’s Light Breakfast Recipes | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! Today I'm gonna show you how I turn some of my favorite classic recipes into new breakfast ideas (upbeat music) I'm gonna show you guys my banana granola parfait

Inspired by the classic banana bread So in front of me I have a mixing bowl and two that I'm gonna add some coconut oil, vanilla extract, honey, and I'm just gonna give it a little stir To that, I'm gonna add some oats I'm gonna add some brown sugar I love my brown sugar

(giggling) Cinnamon Salt And pecans All right I'm just gonna give it a nice stir

Just mix everything together This is our granola for the banana granola parfait I've lined my baking sheet with some parchment paper And I'm just gonna add my granola mixture to that Make sure we get all of this goodness

Don't worry, we haven't added the banana yet It's coming I'm gonna put this into to the oven at 325 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes and halfway though I'm gonna give it a nice stir so that it doesn't burn So my granola's out of the oven and I am gonna add some shredded coconut What's so great about this is the granola gives you a really nice crunch

And the coconut is gonna make it nice and chewy Just addind some different texture Ah it's snowing coconut Beautiful And now I'm gonna add some banana chips

And these are just store bought banana chips That I just kind of crunched up I'm just gonna mix all of this together Look at how beautiful this is We have our banana

Our granola Our pecans, pecans Coconut This is just ♪ Amazing ♪ Now we're gonna build our parfait So first I'm gonna start with the granola mixture

Just add a layer to the bottom of the glass Just like that Now I'm gonna add some yogurt Look at that This is gorgeous darling

You are a star (cheering and applause) So the honey and the strawberries represent the jelly in this peanut butter and jelly smoothie I'm gonna blend away Put the top on Make sure you put it on real tight

(laughing) Blend away All right, I'm gonna take the top off I'm just gonna pour it into this glass Ah, look at that (laughing) This looks so beautiful and creamy

I wanna get every bit of it ♪ Voila ♪ Avocado toast is extremely trendy for breakfast these days and inspired by the classic BLT sandwich, I'm gonna show you how I make my BLT avocado toast In front of me I've toasted some slices of bread And to that I'm gonna add some avocado You wanna make sure that your avocado is really nice and ripe because what I'm gonna do is kind of mash my avocado with a fork

I am like in love with BLTs Maybe because of the bacon So who wouldn't want an inspired BLT dish for breakfast? I'm gonna add some salt And then I'm gonna add juice of a lime This is gonna be so good

And this is optional if you wanna kick, you can add some chili flakes I like it because it adds a little bit of color Ah, look at that I'm gonna add some tomato of course because this is inspired by the classic BLT sandwich So pretty

And of course we can't forget about the bacon ♪ Haaaaa ♪ We are not gonna stop there There is more to this story I'm gonna add some basil It's so fresh

It smells so good Ah, you are beautiful You are a masterpiece That we get to eat (giggling) I hope you give these new classics a try and make sure you follow Tia Mowry's Quick Fix and I'll see you next week

(upbeat music)


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