hey guys Dave wall Karen metabolic cooking calm and we're back to it with a cool carbohydrates recipe because most of the meals you're gonna see you need to act carb right it's the hydrates to it and sometimes just plain sweet potatoes is not enough and that's not enough to maximize your metabolites great and get your body in metallic state so we got a pretty cool recipe with sweet potatoes to share with you so Karen is gonna mix together in a big bowl so she has 1 teaspoon 1 a 1 teaspoon of paprika 1 teaspoon paprika about 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder all right we got 1/4 teaspoon of thyme 1/4 teaspoon of rosemary we got a quarter teaspoon of onion powder that's very good no there's almost got there someone's going to this one is on yeah and we got with a pinch with a pinch of cayenne pepper but I mean it depends we like to stuff spicy Cayenne kind of that super metabolic thermal charge spice so we kind of use it in many recipes so it's always good and one thing would you need like wine about 1 teaspoon of olive oil and so why do like I need to brush all this oil on top of these sweet potatoes we got two medium-sized sweet potatoes in there that we're gonna brush the top they're cut in half alright and why don't you usually I just pour a little olive oil in a plate like this I gotta brush you can use some paper towel for example that works really well as well that's perfect what I do I just brush yo leave oil that's gonna help the oil good properties very healthy oil but it's gonna help as well the spices to stick on the sweet potatoes and give them that flavor that we like to Cajun style flavor there you go see a little brush not too much it seems enough I put a little bit more than a teaspoon just because I wanted him to all still see that and what Cameron's gonna do yeah she's gonna sprinkle a bit on top you can use a teaspoon you can use your hands as well one piece of care just wash your hands and and put like rub the spices on top so there you go there you go perfect we can also use a brush I usually do show you once we sprinkled the spices again perfect just enough you done almost good there you go perfect look at that so I can use just a brush to brush the spices on top to make sure that their restock the restyle stick on the on the sweet potatoes there you go you go so they are right there trading this actually details can't get any easier than that so we can metabolize should sweet potatoes we can put them in the oven preheat the oven about 375 and put them it's always going to the pan I've seen like sweet potato is sometimes faster so some weed reason annular between 30 to 45 minutes just monitor to sweet potatoes me so they don't burn but right there we're gonna bake them in the oven for about 45 minutes and we'll be back with the final results guys it smells really good in the house I think it's ready alright that mint abolitionist turn more church sweet potatoes guys is gonna be awesome make sure to try them out and you you


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