hey guys welcome back to my channel and neither quito vlog today I just had a cup of spinach mixed with kale one fried egg half of an avocado and one Brad first from all these that one has only one on that carb so I love those this whole lunch has 449 calories 2113 35 myths and 37 grams of fat I also made my apple cider vinegar and a lemon of water which I love to sip on it kind of helps me to suppress the appetite for snack I'm just having Genoa salami roll-ups with some little cream cheese this has 250 calories I think I'm gonna make a run to Walmart because I do need some carbonated water in my life and I still need to pick up some vegetables' because I want to make a feta salad tomorrow and for dinner I think I'm gonna make chicken masala with cauliflower rice so started doing the dinner I got 200 grams of chicken breast I just season it with some salt and pepper we'll fry it up in some extra virgin olive oil here and I'm gonna use this chicken masala sauce well it's gonna be a little dirty keto this time this one has for grant now actually 5 grams of carbohydrates pear quark up so that's how much I'm gonna get and then I'm gonna make a cauliflower rice so I pre-chopped the cauliflower into tiny florets and I'm gonna move it into my blender and blend it all up and then fry it up in some butter with whatever spices I feel like dinner was amazing was it loved it it was great you're craving that you definitely not gonna miss rice if you make the cauliflower rice the good way just add butter and spice it up good and when you fry it up in the pan it's just I don't know opens up it's a little nutty it's just really good tikka masala while it was not a lot of sauce but you know what it was really thick so edit little water in it so it was actually pretty satisfying know it was it was enough sauce for my flour soaks it up Wow and why Rob is here mainly is because he has some announcement I decided I'm following IVA on this keto journey and and weight loss and being healthy and I am on my second day phool khile yeah that's why he's wearing his McDonald journey I'm a daughter of the protest well we're gonna take you to McDonald's and to some fast-food restaurants to show you what you can order when you're on Aikido and how to do it low carb and we are gonna go take a walk and work off some of these calories well it's it's finally stopped raining and now we are in a monsoon season so it's like half day it's beautiful and sunny and the other half it's just raining so finally stopped raining so we're gonna take this power walk and enjoyed it even so guess we taking the walk if you did like this video please give a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night


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